Week In Review — Meet The SUP Ski, Officially The Worst Ever

Lynsey Dyer gets real (bad)! Yellow snow dance! Motorcycle pow!

Proof that everything is terrible: The XC SUP ski
Combining two strange sports to create one useless one, a couple of beachcombers have created an XC SUP ski, utilizing a cross-country double-pole motion to propel their SUP boards. On second thought, this could be the next wave in ski training. I can see it now… "Move through lift lines like never before! Attack that traverse with a vengeance this season with the help of the ultimate double-pole trainer—The XC Sup ski!"

Lynsey Dyer, what have you done?!
Lynsey, oh Lynsey, we love you so, but when I watched the trailer for the atrocious Whistler-based reality show "Après Ski," and saw your pretty face grace the screen, my heart sank low. This is not the badass ski chick we fell in love with in the big mountains—this is Snookie in ski boots. Please, don't do it! Granted, if somebody from network T.V. came knocking on my door with one of those big cardboard checks, I'd probably let them put me in a dress and call me Sally, so I guess I can't blame you for paying off a whole lifetime of season passes in one shot.

Motorcycle access pow
This week's bucket-list adventure follows Mr. Callum Pettit on a unique motorcycle journey into the Canadian Rockies, where he hunts big lines with his snowboard buddy Mike Carter. Still not sure if that beats the cozy confines of a truck cab, but hey, to each his own.

Olympic organizers destroy sacred forest in South Korea
Doh! With all eyes on Beijing 2022, the Pyeongchang 2018 crew made some questionable moves of its own, destroying sacred forest on Mount Gariwang to make room for ski events at the Olympic Games. Well shoot, that's no good, guys. Environmentalists are (understandably) a little pissed off, but organizers insist they will replace every tree with a new one once the Games conclude.

Russia to have highest lift in the Europe
Mother Russia doesn't know how to do second place (well, except for that one time in 1980 when… Oh, right), vowing to build the highest lift in Europe, a gondola on Mount Elbrus that just barely tops the Aguille du Midi in Chamonix. The gondola, dubbed "Mir-Gara-Bashi," which loosely translates to "this is the highest lift in Europe," tops out at 12,621 feet and is part of the new Northern Caucasus Resorts set to open up this winter.

So Copper made a weird ski ad this week…
I think it's funny? Maybe?

Mad River's lodge burns down
With all of the wildfire action happening out West, it was a blaze in the Midwest that may have caused the biggest ski casualty of 2015, as Ohio's Mad River Mountain lost its base area lodge to a fire this week. Not to be confused with the iconic East Coast destination Mad River Glen, Mad River Mountain is considered a hub for Midwest skiing. Disclaimer: I feel for this lady. Watching this video is actually a serious bummer.

Trew Gear goes direct
The Hood River-based outerwear company made industry waves this week, announcing that it would forego partnering with retailers to only offer its product direct to consumers. In theory, cutting out the middleman to offer a better product for a lesser price seems like a win-win, but it will be interesting to see just how big of a shakeup the move will make this season.

The New TREW from TREW on Vimeo.

P.S. It’s snowing everywhere, guys