Skier loses loaded gun at Jackson Hole
I've heard of the old dropped-the-cell-phone-in-the-White-Room story before, but I think this one might take the cake. After taking a tumble at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, a skier left behind a little memento for fellow resort goers: a loaded handgun. Two off-duty employees found the 9mm firearm partially buried on the popular Dick's Ditch trail, rendered it safe, and brought it to the proper authorities—just in time for a local man to report that a key piece of his ski kit had gone missing. Perhaps most alarming, not a single state law was broken in the process, and the firearm was returned to its owner, no questions asked. Do you, Wyoming. Do you.

So Alta had a good week…
The Alta Send Train has left the station, and as the snow continues to stack, we're not sure if it's ever coming back.

Vail buys ski area near Chicago
Well, it won't turn many alpine heads, but it is worth noting that Vail has purchased yet another resort, a relatively tiny blip in between Chicago and Milwaukee known as Wilmot Mountain Ski Resort. The move was likely made to capitalize on skiers looking to stay closer to home rather than travel to bigger resorts in Colorado, Utah, and California, but by Vail standards this is about as small as they come. Welcome to the mom-and-pop game, guys. Read one local skier’s plea to the new owners.

Mike Tyson goes skiing…
…but wait, there's more.

Science: Eating snow is like breathing car exhaust
Trying to eat a little snow to quench your thirst on the slopes? Don't even think about it say researchers at McGill University, who recently conducted an alarming test that suggests just how bad munching down snowballs may actually be for our health. According to the study, snow in and around urban areas absorbs the toxic and carcinogenic pollutants from car exhaust, and may even produce its own toxic compounds as a result. And to think that all this time we've been worried about the yellow snow…

Russian train skiing goes as you'd expect
And then Darwin said, "I told you so."

Lapping it up, Park City-style
The snow is deep (and in places, really damn sketchy), but the I Ride Park City crew is sticking parkside to remind us that gravity is merely a state of mind. Hey Joss Christensen, you're an animal.

Slide injures four at Tuckerman Ravine
Scary times in the White Mountains last weekend when an avalanche released in Tuckerman Ravine, sweeping two backcountry skiers and a pair of climbers off the traditional steeps of The Chute. Luckily an avalanche class was in the area and unburied the men safely, but the slide was the first major avalanche incident on the East Coast this season.

Nationwide the snowpack has had a tough week, as several slides have kicked off around the Mountain West and West Coast, taking a handful of lives in the process. A sad week, indeed.