Week In Review — Lift Tickets By Louis Vuitton?

Aspen shoots down drones! High-fly high five! South America jones!

Tired of South American skiing?
Then don't watch this edit. The West Elk Project checks in to remind us that we're all suckers for not booking our tickets down south this year.

Ex-Louis Vuitton artist designing Aspen ski tickets
If your neck has recovered from that headline double take, then yes, Aspen Ski Co. has hired high-fashion artist Takashi Murakami to design a technicolor ski ticket, and yes, this is real life. As part of the 10-year anniversary celebration of Aspen's collaboration with the Aspen Art Museum, Takashi will unveil his lift ticket in mid-October. Critics everywhere are head over heels because nothing says, "Hey, we offer affordable skiing," like designer lift tickets. Sigh.

High-fly chairlift high five
There are a lot of different ways this could have gone. This was probably a best-case scenario.

Spain teaches ski style
Sure, Italy may have the catwalks, but it looks like Spain stole all the style. Straight outta Iberia, the trailer for Round 2 features some of the best freeskiers from Spain and Andorra as they take to the streets in what promises to be one heavy-hitting flick this fall. Andale!

Non-profits want to save nation's first ski area
Two Vermont non-profits are working to acquire a 110-acre property where the first ski tow in the nation once operated. The Trust for Public Lands and the Vermont Land Trust are teaming up to purchase the property and turn it into a monument, but the group has been vague about whether or not the site will offer skiing as it once did. Still, nice to have conservationists, history buffs, and skiers on the same page fighting for an important piece of ski heritage.

Rest in Peace Matt Heffernan
Freeskiing lost a good one this week. Matt Heffernan, aka Heffie, passed away after a cliff-jumping accident at Causey Reservoir near Ogden, Utah. He was 23 years old. A quick-smiling style technician, Heffie will be sorely missed in the Utah ski community and the rest of the freeski world. Shred in peace.

Aspen bans drones
In between creating fashionable lift tickets and removing the High Alpine chair, Aspen got proactive on the drone front, banning the flying beasts from all of its ski areas, and altering the Christmas lists of hundreds of Aspen Valley teenagers. It's likely that many other areas will follow suit this year, as many sit on National Forest land and the U.S. Forest Service has prohibited drone use on public land without a special license from the FAA.

Well you don't see this everyday
Sorry bro, seat's taken.