The end is…never!
Hey guys, ski season is ov…wait, what? A-Basin skied pow last weekend, Mammoth got 18 inches and reopened, and Tignes is getting shmammered as we speak!? Okay, nevermind. We ain't going nowhere.

Kim Jong Un is dead serious about his skiing, like 'execute your uncle serious'
This Kim Jong Un dude is pretty serious about his skiing. According to the UPI, information came to light this week that the North Korean leader's controversial execution of his uncle and lead advisor was likely over his relative's opposition of the country's first ski hill. Apparently Un's uncle felt funds could be used more wisely in a country plagued by poverty and malnutrition (seems rational), but Un had snow on the brain, and didn't take too kindly to the scolding. Love the passion bro, but maybe tone down that intensity a titch, huh?

Tandem snowboarding dad—cute or borderline crazy?
Okay, these dads seems pretty rad and the daughters are pretty precious, but rolling through the park with a kid between your legs?! Whoa. It seems like a whole lot of downside without much positive other than a few upvotes and maybe a mention on a niche ski blog. Enjoy the couch, boys?

P.S. The New York Times has you on notice.

The 90-day Wonder: An ode to Summer Girls (and Guys)
You have to appreciate this Unofficial Networks adage to the 90-day Wonder, a summer love phenomenon in mountain towns that deserves a little recognition. Check this out and I'll imagine you all nodding your head in collective agreement. Keep it classy, you saucy summer unicorn, you.

Afterglow redux…with sheep
Looks like somebody beat Sweetgrass to the punch. Props to Bob Legasa for the find.

Deadbeat dad opts out of child support for ski trips
So not paying child support is no laughing matter, but getting nabbed for not paying child support because you're too busy sending it to Switzerland for ski trips with the boys? Okay, that's a little ridiculous. Ian Phillips got his ski caught in the cookie jar this week in New York court, when it came to light he had been shunning his financial duties to go skiing in Europe. With the line of the century, Judge Matthew Cooper put Phillips in his place, "So you don't have any money for your kids, but you live the life of Mr. Skier in the Swiss Alps?" Your move, Mr. Skier.