Ready for Alaska? The AK Checklist
With springtime in full swing, the powder hounds are migrating northwards to the Last Frontier. But are people really ready for AK and all she has to offer? Sage Cattabriga-Alosa takes us through a pretty cheeky checklist of skills you need to make sure that Alaska mission isn't a total drag. Tips up!


Jay Peak 'Ponzi Scheme' earns SEC ire
Just a few years after revolutionarily implementing the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program to raise capital for its resort development, East Coast royalty Jay Peak is in hot water with the SEC over what the organization is calling "alleged fraud,” "deceptive financial transactions,” and "outright theft.” The allegations stem from an SEC report (and subsequent press release) that found that investment money raised through the EB-5 was actually being used to cover previous deficits rather than for funding new projects—a big no-no in the investment world. Jay Peak's assets have been frozen effective immediately, another blow for the East Coast, as one of its giants could be taking a serious tumble.


We still love you East Coast
Even when it's dim, the Ice Coast brethren at Mad River Glen always find the light. Ski the Patches—If You Can!


The final Faction Collective?
Okay Faction, we get it: You make beautiful ski edits that make us all wish we were all shredding with our friends, everyday. Thank you. We interviewed the crew to get their thoughts on the final installment.


Léo Taillefer won't stop hitting ridiculous lines
Can somebody tell Léo that the competition is over? The flying Frenchman refuses to stay on flat ground, launching another impressive line through some really variable sidecountry. Manicured resort jumps is one thing, but this guy seems to find a way to make it look good just about anywhere.


Targhee to replace Blackfoot Double
Another day another double down, as Grand Targhee has announced that it will replace its Blackfoot Double with a fixed grip quad over the summer according to the Teton Valley News. The double provided access to expert terrain along the northern boundary that offers a bounty of hidden tree stashes. Welp, looks like you'll have to get up a little earlier to get the goods in good ole Targhee.


Kim and Kanye teach daughter to ski
You know when they say 'you're better off just taking a lesson'? I think now is one of those times.