‘Who Skied It Better?’ Powder edition
People love powder edits. And I, despite my affinity for cats and the occasional pet lizard, am a person of the people. Thus, I give you, the people, a very special WSIB featuring nothing less than this week's finest powder edits from around the country. Four areas, four edits—which region skied it better this week?

Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

Pacific Northwest

Mt Baker Friday December 11th video from Basel Productions on Vimeo.

Lake Tahoe

East Coast

Water ski B- Roll – Sandusky Bay – December 14, 2015 from TW Teleproductions on Vimeo.

Floyd Mayweather is about the Dubai pow
While North America is all in an El Nino tizzy, boxing champ Floyd Mayweather and The Money Team are all up on that futuristic Dubai pow. Or, like, you know, matching rental one pieces and stuff. Do you, Floyd.

K2 bought by Rubbermaid
Jarden, the parent company of K2 Skis, Line Skis, and Full Tilt Boots, was acquired by Newell Rubbermaid for a reported $15.4 billion this week, aligning itself with brands such as Sharpie, Coleman, Baby Jogger, and, of course, Rubbermaid. The move will reportedly bolster investment opportunities in the newly acquired ski brands, according to a report by Bloomberg. So far there is no word on any brand collaborations in the works, but I'm glad to know that the money from my Full Tilts and the money from the Rubbermaid keeping my Full Tilts from stink-bombing my Subaru will all be going to the same place. Ah, capitalism.

Hugh Jackman stars in ‘Eddie the Eagle’ trailer
When I first heard there was going to be an Eddie the Eagle movie, I was a little skeptical. Affable English ski jumper sure, but Hollywood star? I just didn't see it. Well, after watching the trailer, I'm a firm believer. Feel-good montages, Hugh Jackman as a coach, a friggin' Christopher Walken cameo—anything short of an Oscar and I'll be shocked.

Canadians are selling China bottled air
China is stealing a page from the Spaceballs camp and combating its ongoing smog issue by purchasing mass quantities of bottled air from the cleanest source around—Canada. Two entrepreneurs from America's Hat started their bottled air company as a joke, but have cashed in on China's air quality quandary (Beijing issued its first ever red alert for pollution about a week ago), selling almost all of its first 4,000-bottle shipment to the Middle Kingdom. Vitality Air sells for approximately $15 dollars a bottle, features air from Banff National Park, and contains impossibly low levels of moose farts.

Armada's 'Snowcieties' shoutout to JP Auclair
One of the coolest webseries in skiing right now, covers one of the coolest ski events for one of the coolest skiers. We love you, JP.