Montreal ski shop gifts us best ski commercial…ever?

We all knew that denim sold skis, but this is a whole new level. We try and avoid shameless promotion on our quest for utmost objectivity, but screw it, GO BUY ALL OF YOUR SKI STUFF FROM POUBELLE DU SKI, AND DO IT NOW.

J Skis goes full Wu-Tang

I'm not sure where the connection originated, but the Wu Tang Clan is all-in for skiing. In addition to helmet collabs and unofficially sponsoring Henrik Harlaut's post-ski monologues, the rap group has teamed up with J Skis' irreverent captain, Jay Levinthal, on a new Masta Killa ski for this winter. Love the vid, but I think the only way to make this thing official is to get the namesake himself out on snow. Make it happen Jay!

Meet the Big Mountain Collinsons on Vice Sports

Earlier this week Vice Sports took skiing mainstream, putting out an episode of its "Off Day" series featuring Angel and Jonny Collinson exploring the bounty around their Little Cottonwood Canyon cabin. The short video takes us into the quirky lives of one of the most badass ski families running right now and it's definitely worth a few minutes of your workday. Or there's cat videos. There's always cat videos.

Snow Summit uses snow guns to fight wildfire

Wildfires got so intense in Southern California this week that ski resorts decided to intervene with a little firepower of their own. Just a few hours from Los Angeles, Snow Summit turned its snow guns on early, drenching its slopes with some badly needed moisture in lieu of impending flames. Luckily the fire receded before any further action had to be taken, but we like to think that those big bad snow guns had the whole situation under control.

Remember the name: Blank. The Movie.

If you haven't visited the Trailer Park recently, you may have missed this little guy. True, it's considered one of the bigger movies to be released this year, but it's more or less an independent effort from the likes of KC Deane, Alexi Godbout, Vinnie Cash, and Max Morello. That's pretty damn cool. Athletes on their own program, turning electricity into a lightning storm. Ah man, it ski season yet?!

Who Skied It Better?! Hot product alert!

Happy National Cherry Turnover Day! Welcome back to the Internet ski game show that no one gives a lick about, Who Skied It Better?! This week WSIB heads into the world of fashion for an exclusive Hot Product Alert. With all of the sexy new products out there, we decided it was time to separate the wheat from the chaff and choose which of these two hot products skied it better. Ski skirts versus, the newest Pit Viper sunnies, who ya got?

The Ski Skirt

Kind of like tying a jacket around your waist, but trendier.

The Pit Viper Nosebender

Face down, poles up, that's the way we like to tuck. We hear you Vipe Nation.

RIP Josh Wirta

The Pacific Northwest lost a good one this month with the passing of Crystal Mountain local Josh Wirta after a courageous battle with cancer. The 25-year-old TGR Co-Lab finalist was a mainstay on the PNW scene and will be sorely missed by all who vow to damn the rest and shred the Northwest. SIP Josh.

Forest service shuts down Aspen cabin

Sighting asbestos issues, the U.S. Forest Service has shut down Aspen's popular Burnt Mountain backcountry hut, effective immediately. Conspiracy theories abound, and while the Forest Service has not announced plans to demolish, Coloradans can't help but remember the smoke shack that was blown to smitherenes over at Breckenridge last year, making national news in the process.

Old people stoke taking you into the weekend

Nobody puts grandma in the corner.