Week in Review—Freddy Krueger Goes For Waterski World Record!

South American lifties strike! From Russia, with urban! Rollerski agility!

Freddy Krueger going for waterski world record

So apparently, the waterski world is all in fits about a waterski-jump champion named after the horror movie star that gave us night terrors well into college. Freddy Krueger, a Georgia native and five-time world champion waterskier, will attempt a world record 300-foot waterski jump this weekend--a record he already owns. How did we not know about this legendary water shredder?!

South American lifties are on strike!

Lift operators at Cerro Catedral, a popular Argentine resort, are on strike until further notice after a wage dispute boiled over this week. The same resort that already had parts of its base area buried under pre-season landslides is now dealing with disgruntled workers burning tires, hanging banners, and beating drums, according to Unofficial Networks. I guess Vail's wage increase has been affecting the industry after all. Que lastima!

A different side of skiing Down Under

Aside from Vail's recent purchase of Perisher Resort, skiing in Australia is a bit of a mystery. A new edit from some of Australia's top ski mountaineers (yes, they exist), sheds light on some of the country's unique terrain and what it takes to get the goods in the land of kangaroos.

R.I.P. Dick Bass

Dick Bass, the founder of Snowbird and the first person to climb the Seven Summits, passed away last week after battling an illness. Strange to think how much influence a businessman from Texas had on shaping our modern-day ski world, but in addition to founding Snowbird, Bass also invested and helped build up the town of Vail, Colorado, in the 1960s.

North American ski season rolls on: Dryslope Edition

Mount Hood may be done for the season, but the guys at Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre in Virginia are still bringing heat. Don't think dryslope is 'real' skiing? Check out this edit and snail mail me your naysaying afterward.

Hottest urban edit of the year coming out of... Russia?!

Best trailer of 2015. It's not often we get a look at the urban underground of Russia, much less see it skied and filmed like this. Hope the boys from Life Steeze Media can keep that momentum going into the full edit. All hail, Mother Russia.

Colorado "Racers Only" mountain reopens to the public

Echo Mountain, the Colorado mountain that controversially shut its doors to the public to become a racers-only hill in 2012, has reneged its spandex-only position for the upcoming season. It will once again be open to "the rest of us" in 2016. Democracy! America!

Rollerski agility course

Well, now I just feel lazy.