Kazakhstan plans apartment building ski resort
Kazakhstan seems to be rallying nicely from its Winter Olympics snub, announcing that it will build a ski slope wherever it damn well pleases—in this case right off of a planned apartment building in its capital city of Astana. The building will feature 21 stories and a 1000 vertical foot Snowflex ski slope with a chairlift that will be open to the public. While this may seem like a bizarre city structure, Astana is not your everyday city and already features a mall considered the world's largest tent, a 300-foot-tall giant lollipop tower, and a replica of the White House. Something makes me think an apartment building ski resort is going to work out just fine in Astana.

A different kind of mountain commute is coming to Kazakhstan. Screenshot taken from video.

A different kind of mountain commute is coming to Kazakhstan. Screenshot taken from video.


Can I get a Duncan Adams pow edit up in here?!
And on the eighth day, Duncan Adams said, "Let there be smooth switch cork 5 cliff drops," and it was so. Praise be to pow.


Man gets 'Aspen Extreme' on cab driver
A college student got a little too high on Party Mountain this week, assaulting a cab driver in a bizarre exchange in downtown Aspen. According to the Aspen Times, 23-year-old Majed Alhamad was arrested after cursing out his cab driver, exposing himself, and then spilling cocaine all over the cab. But the weird doesn't end there. According to police, an intoxicated Alhamad wanted to make sure the cops knew exactly what he was up to, telling them, "he wanted to go 'extreme' while in Aspen." Hey TJ, can you compete with that?


Miss India steals TGR footage
Don't look now, but Teton Gravity Research is in the midst of an unprecedented international beauty pageant scandal. It turns out that over the holiday weekend, it was discovered that Miss India, Aaital Ghosla, of the Miss Earth pageant stole a solid chunk of TGR footage for the video portion of her contest. Unfortunately for her, not only did she get caught sniping footy for the gals, she claimed all of the video was shot in India when it was in fact from Nepal. Not the greatest look on her part, and just not the winning recipe we're looking for in our next Miss Earth. Maybe next year, Aaital.


Opening day at Vai…I mean Revelstoke
So I guess the secret is out on Revy?

  East Coast stoke from Vermont Backcountry Alliance The West may be getting clobbered with snow, but don't worry New England, when Old Man Winter finally hits 'go' you've got a pretty cool collection of backcountry enthusiasts ready to share the goods in the Green Mountain State. Check out T-Bar Films' Shared Lines and meet the sap-suckers scoring sweet pow all winter long.  

Skiing on metal with Khai Krepela Just a few weeks into the season and rail slayer Khai Krepela is already staking his claim. Park fan or not, you have to love this guy's ability to put together a full top-to-bottom run with easy-like-Sunday-morning style. Somebody pay the man! Winter is now 'Kardashian official' With the Kris Jenner stamp of approval, it's finally time to whip out the onesies and get our shred faces on. Now let's go skiing!