Week In Review — Vonn raps with Vanilla Ice?!

Changes at Alta! Leo goes dark! Broncos ski in Draft Pick!

Lindsey Vonn raps with Vanilla Ice

Next celebrity relationship in the works?! Just kidding, Linds. Do you, and word to your motha'.

But seriously, this.


Alta proposing tram to the top of Baldy…wait, what?!

So apparently Alta sent a master plan to the U.S. Forest Service back in December and was recently improved by the tree lords themselves. Among other improvements, the plan proposed an aerial tram to shuttle skiers and boa—whoops, tongue slip—to the top of Baldy. No word from the Utah camp, but it seems this would be an ultimate move of sacrilege, but maybe that's just me. What think you, Utahans? Find detailed coverage of the proposed changes next week on Powder.com.


Broncos "ski in" their NFL Draft Pick

The NFL Draft is boring, so the Broncos decided to spice things up a little bit by "skiing in" their Day 3 picks with Jake "The Snake" Plummer. Though his style is more baby deer than snake, let's hope Devontae Booker appreciated the effort from his newest employer.


So the West Coast Session jump is pretty large…

The 10th and supposedly final West Coast Session is in progress at Mount Hood this week and massive Stein Eriksen front flips are in play according to Dylan Ferguson. Uh, what?!

@dylanjamesferguson floating a massive front flip over the @westcoastsession jump | #WCS10 #Mthood

A video posted by Jasper Newton (@jaznewt) on


Ascutney Ski Area officially leased

Vermont backcountry skiers can breath a momentary sigh of relief this week as ski and bike advocates Ascutney Outdoors have officially signed a lease with the town of Ascutney, Vermont, to take over the former Ascutney Ski Resort. So far plans are to maintain the existing trails at the resort without running any of the lifts and develop new backcountry and mountain biking zones on the land abutting the old ski area. Great to see the collaboration here, but no word on whether or not Mother Nature will sign on for next year. Fingers crossed, Ice Coast.


Léo Taillefer nighttime edit like woah

The lifts stopped spinning and the lights went down, but Little Léo Taillefer is still up there crushing lines. I'm not even sure if anyone is even entering this GoPro Line of the Winter contest anymore because he's already won it three times over.


Classic ski movie compilation madness

Always wish you could get TJ and Squirrel in the same place? Well, now you can thanks to some guy with way too much time on is hands. This is one compilation that's worth the (free) admission fee.


It's almost summer and we all wish we were Kelly Slater again.

I feel like I'm just a good head shave away from catching a barrel like that. Maybe this is the year. Get pitted this weekend, folks!