Week in Review — April Fool’s Edition

Selfie ski! Winter X headed east! California water shortage—no joke!

Best of April Fool's Day
Ever since Andy Mulvaney convinced me to eat an Oreo with toothpaste filling in the 4th grade, I've been a bit suspicious of this whole April Fool's Day thing. Still, the ski world had some fun with April 1 this week, and here are a few of the better ones.

K2 introduces a selfie-taking ski
Meet the SelfSki, the first ever camera-integrated ski designed to focus on the most important person on the hill—you.

Introducing the SelfSki.

Because if you didn’t take a picture of yourself doing it, it didn’t happen. PHOTO: K2 Facebook page.

Winter X Games announces new 2016 venue
Unofficial Networks got some of us good when they announced the biggest event in extreme sports was moving to the Big Apple. Almost had me.

Hugh Jackman and Christopher Walken to star in ski jumping movie.
In a real knee-slapper, Wolverine and guy with the big eyes and weird voice will be starring in a ski jumping movie about bespectacled Englishman and 1988 Olympic hero, Eddie the Eagle. Wait, that's actually happening? Jokes on us I guess.

Day #1 on the set of #EddieTheEagle, with my mate Taron Egerton.

A photo posted by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on

Celebrate the holiday with Will Wesson and L.J Strenio
Nothing says Good Friday like a damn good video—thanks for thinking of us, guys.

Lack of California snow leads to mandatory state water restrictions
Snow levels are so bad and the upcoming fire season so threatening that Governor Jerry Brown has issued a sweeping set of mandatory drought restrictions for the first time in state history. The measures aim to reduce urban use of water by 25 percent and precede a more concrete statewide plan coming this April. Things are certainly heating up in all the wrong ways in the Golden State, yikes.

Do the Wiggle: Jackson Hole weighs in on one of the most fun lines in skiing
Everybody knows Corbet's, S & S, and Cody, but if you aren't skiing one of the Wiggles at least once a day, then you're just plain doing Jackson Hole wrong. Here's a little explanation behind the popular ski luge tracks.

Vail beefs up its holdings Down Under
You have to hand it to Vail—love 'em or hate 'em, these guys do not stand still. This week Vail Resorts made all the Southern Hemisphere headlines by buying the biggest resort south of the Equator, Perisher Ski Resort in Australia. The acquisition was in the $136 million range according to Forbes, and is the company's first major resort purchase in Oceania.