USSA opens new big air water ramps
In addition to revamping the water ramps at Park City's Olympic Park, USSA also debuted a brand new big air kicker for the summer training facility last weekend. Slopestyle athletes will now have access to the state-of-the-art facility as part of the team's commitment to four-season training and another podium sweep in 2018.

Summer skiing in America

Summer skiing NOT in America

Any questions?

PBR's new direction is…well…stimulating?
Uh guys, you know we're ski bums that are going to buy PBR anyways, right?

Just ask Tom Raper, a true American hero.

Sugarloaf replacing chairlift that moved backwards
Well, thank goodness, eh? Maine's largest resort decided it was time to say goodbye to a chairlift that took a few gripped skiers on the ride of their lives this winter. Sugarloaf is dumping $800,000 into replacing the King Pine Quad and an additional $500,000 to upgrade six more lifts around the area. According to an AP report, the new lift will feature anti-rollback technology. Wait, shouldn't like, all chairlifts have that?

Aspen Spora kickin' that young style game tough
America's next great hope might still be ordering off the kids menu but he laid down some damn impressive shots in 2015. Holy style, Batman.

An American classic
Nothing screams freedom like a Jonny Moseley helicopter iron cross.

Have a great weekend everybody!
Don't pull a San Diego, spread the love around! Go USA!