Skier chased by snow leopard?!
Talk about a one-up. While the Internet is freaking out about a cross-country skiing cat, a couple of Aussies are out here getting chased by snow leopards in Gulmarg, India. It's more likely that the poor (not so) little guy was spooked rather than on the attack, this video definitely seems like one of the scarier ski scenarios out there. Unsubscribe.

House with 5 ski slopes for sale in Canada

Some people install a Slip N' Slide in their backyard, some people have ski slopes.

Some people install a Slip N’ Slide in their backyard, some people have ski slopes.

Screw the beach house, why not go in on this Canadian “cottage” near Toronto and its own backyard ski slope. Featuring five cut runs, a rope tow, and backcountry access over 250 feet of vertical, the property even has its own night skiing. Best of all, the whole enchilada is currently listing for $1.5 million Canadian, or approximately $19.75 American. Thanks Canada!

48 rescued from frozen tramcar
Not a good week for the East Coast. Frigid temperatures froze most of the region and Cannon Mountain saw its problems compounded when its two tramcars got stuck 40 feet off the ground Sunday. Patrol rappelled all 48 passengers to safety, but not before a really cold ski day turned into friggin' freezing mandatory safety meeting.

Tagging 'em with the Cham Lines crew
Want an inside look at what it takes to tag some of Chamonix's most classic descents? The Cham Lines crowd has been hitting it hard for three seasons now and comes at us with a dreamy shot up and down the Couloir du Gypaète. If you're a fan of the entire alpine experience, then keep these guys on the radar.

Meanwhile in Russia…
Who do you think signed off on this one?

New York resort colder than Antarctica
Last weekend, northern New York's Whiteface Mountain recorded a terrifying wind chill of -114 degrees Fahrenheit according to the Atmospheric Science Research Center of SUNY Albany. According to the National Weather Service, that temperature reading was colder than the measured temperature in Antarctica on the same day. Well, a record is a record, right? Yeesh.

Jamie Crane-Mauzy back on skis
Nearly a year after a scary crash put freeskier Jamie Crane-Mauzy in a coma, the Park City native is back on skis. Check out her inspiring road to recovery and try not to smile. Way to go, Jamie!

Off-season stoke: Mountain rollerblading
"Man, I can't wait for all this snow to melt so I can hit up the mountain rollerblading single track again," said No One Ever.