Tahoe Goes Dumpsquad, and more

Miners save skiing! Uvex sees with technicolor! Drunk Russians do drunk things!

Dan Treadway gives us serious powder envy
Treadway and clan head up into coastal B.C. to one of the coolest backcountry lodges on the planet and wildest terrain in the region. Seem like a good time? Yeah, I'd it looks all right.

Halloween Forecast looks okay for Tahoe
Yo, Tahoe, make sure your Halloween costumes have some GoreTex in them because it looks like you're in for a frosty treat this weekend. NOAA just throwing MadBum heat with an 8-14 inch Winter Storm Watch, WAHOO!

In other news, the Northeast will not be getting a Frankenstorm this year, but they do get the Ski The East Snowcast back, so maybe that'll kick Old Man Winter into gear?

Line Traveling Circus makes May look good
The LTC boys have been at it for seven seasons now, and it's safe to say that we all take the crew's uber-creative edits a bit for granted these days. Thankfully the ski gods gave me a good shaking this week in the form of season seven, episode two. Holy Ross Imburgia, I think they're still onto something here.

Mining firm will save Fairbanks ski area
Freegold Ventures has amended its proposed mining lease in Fairbanks, Alaska to exclude land used by Mount Aurora Skiland, a small local hill. The ski area, which has been in operation since 1962, was initially miffed at Freegold's aggressive land grab, fearing that it would lose trails to mines and operational digging. Luckily, it looks like the two sides might actually get along on this one, preserving the Fairbanks stoke for a little longer.

Uvex introduces LCD color-changing lenses
Whoa, whoa, whoa miss Lippy, is Uvex for real on this? According to a Gizmodo piece this week, the popular goggle maker has indeed figured out a way to change lenses without physically swapping out plastic, placing a thin LCD screen in the goggle that changes between clear, red, yellow, blue, and violet tints. They tried this in 2007, but the new goggle, dubbed the Snowstrike VT, has a wider range of tints for varying weather conditions as well as an easy toggle along the outside of the frame. The future, it appears, is now. Next stop, hoverboard skateboards!

Drunk Russians at it again—après style
Sometimes you go a little too hard at après—we've all been there—but make sure you and your buddies have worked out an escape plan or risk ending up like this guy. Not the white outerwear, anything but the white outerwear, guys!

Yosemite lottery open for Ostrander Ski Hut access
For the second year in a row, the refurbished Ostrander Ski Hut in Yosemite will be made available to backcountry travelers via a lottery system. Entries will be chosen on November 19 with winners announced November 25. Winning a spot doesn't exempt you from paying the $35 to $55 lodging fee, but it will guarantee you access to one of California's most iconic launching points for backcountry skiing.

Happy Halloween errybody!
While I'm putting the final Zinc-y touches on my Squirrel Murphy costume, I'd be remiss to not put up the most Halloweeny ski video ever made. Yeah, we've featured it before, but come on, this clip was made for the 31st! Have a great weekend, y'all.