Minnesota Ice Skiing

Sam Favret is on fire! It's a Euro ski party! Ohh that smell!

Japan edits hot and fresh out the kitchen
We've all seen our fill of Japan edits, but that doesn't mean we're over them. I've eaten pizza a bazillion times too, but you don't see me turning down a last slice anytime soon. Luke Tanaka offered up a tasty Japan pie this week, and you'd do well to abide. JaPOW.

CFO suing ski village food stand over 'smell'
Cosmetic giant L'Oreal's former CFO, Sir Lindsay Owen-Jones, must really hate French fries. Apparently the Englishman is so miffed by the smell coming from the 'chip shop' next to his holiday home in the French Alps, that he is taking legal action and suing the food stand for being a nuisance in the neighborhood. What's more, the manager of the shop says the issue stems from Owen-Jones' issue with the working class crowd frequenting the shop. For those who aren't following the lingo, “chip shop” is British for “fast food joint” and “Sir Lindsay Owen-Jones” is Australian for “douchebag.”

Euros celebrating skiing like...well...Euros
Professional party throwers Bogner Events (seriously, is that their job?) decided to ring in St. Moritz's 150th anniversary with one of the weirder displays of ski affection ever. Ski ballet, jetpacks, and Yetis...oh my.

Sam Favret is Le Real Deal
Fantasy Freeride League Champion Mike Rogge and I have been on the Sam Favret tip since his electric X Games Real Ski edit, but the Frenchman has outdone himself with his latest release, a full segment from the 2014 PVS Company release, Hangout. Sure, he takes some burly falls, but Favret makes a strong case that he might be sticking around for a while.

Mount Bachelor Star Wars spoof
So this is pretty Bachelor-centric, but I think anyone who's lived in a ski town can relate to the struggle. And who doesn't love Star Wars. C'monnn.

Midwest expansion takes on Vail?
Vail may be dominating the headlines with blockbuster expansion deals and Starbucks takeovers, but one Wisconsin mountain has seen the megamountain's hand and has decided to raise the stakes. Wausau's pride and joy, Granite Mountain, has unveiled its own $50 million expansion, hoping to expand terrain by 150 acres and add a new village to its...umm...700 feet of vertical. Ok, so it might not be taking down Vail anytime soon, but Midwest be warned, Granite is coming for ya.

B-Dog and Vinny Cash go ham in Mam

What happens when you unleash two of the most progressive park skiers on the Mammoth early season park? RAIL WIZARD’S DUEL!

Meanwhile, in Minnesota
East Coast eat your heart out, the real ice skiing is in the Midwest. Uff da!

OMG, I can't even...
All I want for Christmas is a Sugar Bob!