FIS hears Lindsey Vonn petition to race men's World Cup
Lindsey Vonn has cemented her place as the best female skier of all time, but the 20-time Crystal Globe Winner has made it clear that she doesn't want to stop there. In fact, over the past year she has been vocal about racing a men's World Cup event, more specifically the speed events at Lake Louise that she has traditionally dominated.

After several denials from FIS, her recent USSA-backed bid will be formally heard by the international organization at this week's FIS meetings. If she is given a shot, she will be the first known female to compete at men's skiing's highest level.

Trump ski vacation costs $330k
CBS News recently reported that Ivanka Trump, hubby Jared "Kush Diesel" Kushman, Eric Trump, and their families tallied a $330,000 on a weeklong Aspen ski vacation last March. Better yet, this year's annual Metropolitan Mogul Classic was on us, the taxpayers. (To be fair other administrations have taken to the slopes with our help, usually tallying in the $150,000 range). Where are these people renting skis from? King Tut's tomb? Does anyone realize how many drinks that is at the Red Onion?!

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In less angering news, the taxpayers that sponsored the Trump Trip to Trenchtown will get a little relief this year when Aspen offers $6.50 day passes on December 15 to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Sean Pettit gets loose in new edit
Call it rough, call it loose, but you have to kind of love this 2017 Sean Pettit edit. It's not the MSP video quality we'd expect out of Seany P, but the guy just gets a good giggle from tossing big off-axis spins off any cliff, tree, or pillow he can get his mitts on.

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Q: How do you get ready for a powder day?
A: Depends…

Renting Mountains is Newest Trend in Skiing
Move over Deer Valley boot warmers, the newest trend in ultra-rich skiing is buying first tracks, second tracks, and in fact, all of the tracks. According to Bloomberg, skiing's 1 percent (a class designation that hurts me to even type) is flaunting its stuff not via the gold-tipped rotors of a helicopter, but by renting out entire ski hills.

For a mere $14,000 (or a whole year of washing dishes at the Elks Club), you too can score absolutely private turns at Silverton for the day. For $60,000 you can rent out Hermitage Club in Vermont. Remember, you can't buy friends, but for a pretty penny you should be able to buy a couple ski buddies for a day.