Adventure of the week: Skiing the Northern Lights
Well the bucket list just got a little longer thanks to Ørjan Bertelsen and some very cool Northern Lights shredding in Norway.

Coolest backyard jump line ever?
Okay, Candide had one of the best weeks ever, but let’s not sleep on this guy’s backyard jump line. Couple of sweet kickers into a roof jib and frosty brew with a sprinkle of cute puppy action along the way? Not bad, sir, not bad.

Man analyzes GoPro fail with forensic evidence
Because sometimes you just need to go over the game tape…

Tim Johnson sends Mount Washington on fat bike
With 39 mph wind gusts and an elevation gain of 4,285 feet, this dude rode a modified Fat Bike 7.2 miles in a zone where the welcome sign reads "World's Worst Weather.”

Pot police on patrol in Canada
Uniformed, weapon-toting officers at Lake Louise and Nakiska are going to be ripping around the mountain on skis making sure Canadians aren’t ripping bongs on chairlifts and gondolas.