Week In Review — Stink Bomber Terrorizes Copper Mountain!

Cham joins Mountain Collective! No helmet, no lift ticket! Remembering the legends!

Big line Friday: Ben Goertzen gets sendy

From Japan to Montana, young gun Ben Goertzen goes gargantuan. Say that five times fast. Or watch this edit. Your call.

Ben Goertzen 14/15 from Ben Goertzen on Vimeo.

Mountain Collective adds Chamonix

The multi-pass machine keeps on gobbling up all-stars as the Mountain Collective added European stalwart Chamonix. So, for those keeping track at home, that means two free days at Alta, Jackson, Stowe, Whistler, and now Cham, among others. That sounds like a busy little winter, eh?

Copper Mountain Stink Bomber on the loose

Unlike the crop dusters that have been terrorizing ski town bars for decades, one Colorado culprit is in the midst of a much more calculated odor assault, unleashing stink bombs on Copper Mountain's Tucker's Tavern. Perhaps stranger than that is that this 'war' has gone on for nearly three years with at least 13 known incidents and no suspect. There is some grainy security cam footage, but the Stink Bomb Bandito has been rolling in 'Doe-in-heat' urine bottles and other stinky concoctions while strolling around without detection. As mystery looms, the SBB waits to strike again.

No helmet, no ticket at Canadian resort this winter

Brookvale Provincial Ski Park will introduce a mandatory helmet policy for all of its downhill sliders for the 2015-2016 season reports the CBC. The Prince Edward Island hill isn't the first to institute the rule, but new provincial legislation helped encourage the move for this season. Remember kids, #HelmetsAreCool, especially in Canada.

Hats off for JP and Andreas

After losing another one of our own (SIP Roner), we look back at a year since saying goodbye to JP Auclair, Andreas Fransson, and Liz Daley. In remembrance of his two friends, Andreas and JP, Bjarne Salén has released Apogée, a film project he was working on with the duo before they were caught in a deadly avalanche last year. Both honest and haunting, this is a testament to a pair of legends that are sorely missed.

X Games Real Ski is live

In addition to announcing the return of Ski Cross for Winter X 2015, the X Games unveiled the videos for its popular freeskiing video competition, X Games Real Ski Backcountry this week.

I'll keep it short and sweet: Bangers on bangers on bangers. Instead of browsing the Yankee Candle fall collection, spend your 15 minutes doing something useful, and peep the leading edge of skiing. Voting ends Sunday October 11.

The REAL gear guide spotlight: The Pizza Pouch

While we were busy sneaking brown bags into the base lodge, somebody up and changed the on-hill snack game. Have an extra slice lying around? Bring it with you thanks to the Pizza Pouch—a necklace designed specifically to hold that last slice under your base layers as you shred morning freshies! Think this is dumb? You're probably right, but you're also probably hungry and I'm having a really hard time hearing you with all of this delicious pizza in my mouth.


Avalanche snow sensors installed on Alaska's Tincan Ridge

In an effort to help predict avalanche conditions, the Chugach National Forest Avalanche Information Center will install snow sensors along Tincan Ridge, the popular backcountry zone in Turnagain Pass, Alaska. The sensors will measure depth and temperature and serve as an additional tool in the timely forecasting of avalanche conditions in the area, bringing a technological edge to forecasting in the Last Frontier.

iF3 turns 9 in Montreal

The film festival that has inspired young minds across freeskiing for nearly a decade went off big this year, as iF3 invaded Montreal for its ninth installment. Sean Pettit's baby, Super Proof Inc., took home a bevy of hardware, as did Euro crew Legs of Steel, but in the end it was Level 1 that stole top honors on the night, winning Movie of the Year for its flick, Small World.

And then there were the crashes…