Week In Review — Steamboat Finds Bomb In Lift Line!

Liftie buys mountain! Ski-clipse! Winter is here!

It's snowing and we're all freaking out
Been there, doing that.

The west is waking up

The Washington Cascades got smeared with a deep layer of white this week, Colorado is currently being pounded, and even withered-up California put on a bulky white jacket over the past few days. In fact, Cali skiers were getting pow days in places like Tahoe and Mammoth, while area resorts like Mount Rose and Mammoth are set to spin lifts. Here we go, kids.

FBI probes explosive device found at Steamboat resort

In a scene straight out of a B-List thriller movie, national law enforcement swooped in on tiny Steamboat Springs when a mysterious, and potentially explosive, device was found in the area of Steamboat's Pony Express lift line. The FBI was even called in on the case and has refused to elaborate on any details, making the actual nature of the device unclear. Also unclear: Whether or not the FBI knows anything about avy bombs. Stay tuned.

Salomon Freeski Tv drops 'Eclipse' trailer

We've all kind of dreamed it, but count on Salomon Freeski TV to make it happen. In addition to tagging uncharted lines at the top of the world the SFTV crew decided to ski under the lunar eclipse and embark on a video project that is absolutely (this is where I'm supposed to say, "out of this world") ridiculously good looking.

Fall Back Friday: Jay Levinthal leads the skiboard revolution!

Before he brought Line to prominence and later hit restart with J Skis, Jay Levinthal was one of the top snowlerblade…err, skiboarders…in the game. Take a step back in time and watch the early (shorter) stages of what has become a freeski dynasty. Ah, the memories.

Taos co-founder Rhoda Blake passes away

Rhoda Blake, co-founder of Taos Ski Valley with husband Ernie Blake, has passes away at age 97. The second half of the duo that brought skiing to the wild Sangre de Cristo Mountains in 1955, Blake passed after a bout with a brief illness, leaving behind a handful of skiing children and grandchildren and a ski legacy that stretches back six decades.

Maine resort bought by liftie

While Soldier Mountain finally found its new owners (a lucky couple from Bend, Oregon, no less), Maine's tiny Lost Valley found a new owner of its own. Scott Shanaman has been a chairlift inspector for years, but made the unlikely transition from liftie to owner this month when he agreed to take the reigns of the struggling 15-trail hill. According to SnoCountry.com, Lost Valley will open as early as December 18.

Profiling an East Coast legend: Lahout's

Any New Hampshire skier worth his or her road salt has stepped into the fabled Lahout's Ski Shop in Lincoln New Hampshire at one time or another. This week, STEPT Productions in collaboration with TGR, released a profile of the man behind America's Oldest Ski Shop, Joe Lahout. It doesn't get any more down-home than this.