Week in Review—Shorter Lift Lines? There’s an App for That!

Snowmass huts! Kiwi ski party! Your week wasn't that bad!

Charlie Lyons does New Zealand

Looks like the niños and niñas in South America are too busy to get us any shreddits, but New Zealand gifted us some goods this week thanks to FWT skier Charlie Lyons. Kiwiland looks pretty alright.

Vail crowd-sourcing lift line wait times

Sure it's kind of sad that it's come to this, but I have to hand it to Vail for trying here. This season, the resort contingent will introduce EpicMix Time--an app that will provide real-time wait times for over 55 lifts at Vail, Breck, Keystone, and Beaver Creek. If you can't make the lift lines shorter, might as well let the people know how long the wait is going to take, right? Ten minutes? Great, I'll finish up my sudoku puzzle from breakfast. Twenty? I'll knit that orange beanie I've always wanted. Forty-seven? Cool, I'll just slap on my skins and walk up. Problem solved!

Eagle snipes drone

Turns out it's not just the FAA and POWDER editor John Davies that hate drones, but also an Australian wedge-tailed eagle who just really wanted that damn camera out of his face. Good on ya, buddy!

Mike Wilson cliff jumps better than you

So apparently Mike Wilson has a posse of cliff jumpers these days? Mr. Wilsonflip and Co. have been busy getting high all summer in New England, sending anything and everything over 50 feet with some ridiculous rotations. Bummed out about the glaciers closing early? It's cool, summer can be okay too.

Nat Geo breaks down the 360

Don't you love when non-skiers try and explain skiing? I feel like it's kind of like having your grandpa explain hip-hop or the Internet--you just can't quite take it seriously. National Geographic's new blooper show “?” broke down the 360 with scientific precision and a few grainy film that look like they were downloaded from Kazaa and the result is three minutes of very entertaining video. Who knew how complex one full rotation could be?

New Snowmass master plan includes hut system

It looks like a little place called Aspen could be in for a few big changes over the next few years, including a proposed hut system in and around Snowmass. To counter skiing's growing move into the backcountry, SkiCo has proposed three huts be built around Snowmass, each housing 10 to 20 people. The proposal still must go through an environmental review, but this could be the start of the quasi-backcountry experience as we know it.

Think you had a bad week?

Guaranteed this guy at the Tour of Utah cycling race had it worse.

P.S. This is a gnarly spill, but we're glad to see that Matt Brammeier is in stable condition as of this report.