Week In Review — PNW Powtown!

Hep A Après! Vive la France! Ski Airbnb!

The Pacific Northwest is skiing pow...are you?
There have been white wizard sightings from Colorado to New Mexico to Tahoe, but video documentation is in short supply. While this may just mean that people are just… umm… you know… skiing, the jaded Internet skier says that unless there's visual proof, it didn't happen. Well, apparently that whole snow thing did happen in the Pacific Northwest, as loc-dog Jeff Rich was kind enough to give us a POV of the flanks of Mount Baker Ski Resort, and a whole lot of deep stuff.

Ski town outhouse wins 'Best Restroom in America'
Nestled between Vail and Beaver Creek, the minute hovel of Minturn has something all its own to make a stink about: the Best Restroom in America. That's right, this is a thing, and, that's right, this tiny Colorado ski town has the best loo in the land according to Cintas. Award-winning bathrooms: What can't skiing do?

Beats popping a squat.

Beats popping a squat.

While we're on the bathroom subject...
Thanks to some dudes from Winter Park, the Instagram handle Places I've Peed is starting to blow up. Not getting enough from your MTN Babes feed? Here's a whole new level of wilderness exposure.

New 'ski Airbnb' matches skiers with guides
A new German-based booking platform called GuideBase is making it easier than ever for skiers to find local guides. Ski patrons can log onto the site and choose from a series of IFMGA-certified guides, and PSIA-certified ski instructors free of charge. The site also implements a review system a la Yelp, so skiers can do some of their own vetting to find the perfect guide for their day in the mountains. In the platform’s first 10 days, over 300 IFMGA guides from around the world signed up to be part of the digital takeover.

Vive la French Alps shred
How do you say 'serious cojones' in French?

Lake Louise après spot may have served up Hepatitis A
According to the CBC, an Alberta après hangout may have been serving up a little more than spicy drinks over the past few weeks, as health officials are currently investigating a case of Hepatitis A traced back to the restaurant. The only people that are in danger of contracting the virus are patron that ordered hot drinks from the Powder Keg Lounge between November 6-8. There are so many poop jokes to be made here, but I've already hit my bathroom quota for the week, so I'll leave that up to you.

The Soup stirs the pot
Alta has a new crew of young guns in town. They call themselves the Soup and if their awful (read: amazing) haircuts have anything to say about it, they'll be putting down the hammer this season from Wildcat to the Collins Express.