Picabo Street allegedly assaults father
America's former downhill darling, and my third-grade crush, Picabo Street was arrested this week after allegedly pushing her 76-year-old father down a flight of stairs, according to ABC News. The 44-year-old and 1998 gold medalist got into an altercation with her father near her Park City home, where she lives with her husband and two small children.

Skier Charlotte Moats came to Picabo’s defense via her Facebook page, stating: “Reconsider these facts: her father runs into her house with his car, comes inside, slaps her and pulls her hair in front of her children, and she locks him behind a door so that she can call the police…The news reporting on this infuriates me. Picabo is one of the most kind, caring, and generous people I know. She has recently returned to the mountains and dedicated her time to helping both elite and grassroots athletes. Her heart overflows when she talks about her own dream of helping others identify and achieve their dreams.”

Picabo is currently facing domestic violence and domestic abuse charges, and will plead not guilty.

Shred in Peace, White Knight
David Bowie left his mark on everything he touched, including the opener of Nimbus Independent's 2009 flick "Hunting Yeti" and the start of a new era in skiing.

Coffee with a pinch of afterbang
Norwegians just making me laugh on a weekday. Touché.

Deer Valley to host extra World Cup
After Lake Placid cancelled its World Cup aerials stop in late December, Deer Valley has picked up the slack, adding an additional World Cup event to its docket for 2016. The men's and women's events will coincide with the original Deer Valley stop, but will ensure that the U.S. continues to host two events on this year's circuit.

Skiing with some Euro flare…literally
Some people use LED lightsuits to light up their skiing, some people use road flares attached to their skis. Nico Vuignier and Jules Guarneri are those guys. Trippy stuff coming out of Switzerland.

Maine celebrates the small hill in '1000 Feet and Below'
Mainer Scott Osgood spent four years documenting some of the classic tiny ski areas around Vacationland, debuting the 27-minute project at The Rack bar near Sugarloaf. Long live the small town ski hill!

Introducing 'Extreme Art'
It's like Bob Ross, except different? I apologize in advance but I just couldn't look away from this painting mountaineer.

The Matterhorn @150 what artists can learn from climbers from Alex Inchbald on Vimeo.