Week In Review October 25: Killington Opens This Weekend & Beers Open With Chainsaws

T.J. Schiller's new edit, trouble in Tignes, & Breck unveils Peak 6 terrain

East Coast rejoice, Killington set to open this weekend

Ice Coast comin' in hot! Not to be outdone by their Western compadres, Killington will start spinning lifts this weekend with advanced skiing conditions (read: snow guns aimed at your face) on rime. The opening signals the start of ski season on the East Coast, a motion that Mother Nature supported this week with dustings of snow across Stowe, Burke, and several other New England resorts.

New trail map at Breck includes Peak 6 terrain

Breck is abuzz this week after the powers in charge released the 2013-14 trail map. Might not seem like a big deal, but when it's the public's first view of the new Peak 6 terrain, it kind of is. Skiers can now start waxing their sticks while daydreaming about shredding turns down Zendo, Yugen, and Xanadu (Wait, who came up with these?!).

In more depressing ski resort news, Wisconsin's Hidden Valley won't be opening this season and New York's West Mountain will be auctioning off its mortgage after closing this summer. Save our local hills people!

More Swedes that know how to ski and use a camera

Those sneaky Scandanavians are at it again, unleashing a crew of up-and-comers, dubbed The Bunch, onto the Internet scene with their full-length edit, “Far Out.” A healthy dose of pow, park, and street for your workday, “Far Out” also helps reinforce Sweden's obsession with mediocre American rap. Yeah, I'm talking to you, Slim Thug.


University of Louisiana at Monroe is good at skiing, on water

Just when you thought the Week In Review was devoid of ski competition news, University of Lousiana at Monroe goes ahead and threepeats at the Division 1 Water Ski National Championships in El Centro, California. No, I haven't been able to find actual footage from the event, but I'm imagining it went something like this. Terrific form, Warhawks.

T.J. Schiller drops new edit

It's always a good week when Uncle Teej comes to play.

Six injured in Tignes T-Bar incident

Here's to happier times and a season filled with more of this, Tignes. PHOTO: Courtesy Tignes

Here’s to happier times and a season filled with more of this, Tignes. PHOTO: Courtesy Tignes

Early season woes continue at Tignes after a T-bar mechanical failure left six injured on Saturday. According to investigators, the left of the resort's side-by-side Rosolin T-bars derailed, dropping a lift cable onto passengers below. This is the second major incident at the French resort in as many weeks, as an avalanche swept onto open terrain and buried several guests. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt in either incident, but there is some serious voodoo at work over in the land of cheese and wine. Yikes.

Because it's important

I'm always losing my bottle opener, that's why I started bringing Grandpa Vlad to my parking lot apr├Ęs. Please don't try this at home (or at least don't implicate me if you do).