Week in Review Oct. 11: Jason Levinthal Announces New Ski Brand and Expensive Groin Shots

Backcountry huts close due to gov't shutdown, North Korea's ski area "opens," & Au Revoir Euro X

North Korea Ski Resort Opens

Remember that North Korean ski area, Masik Pass? Yeah, well the six-run megaproject officially opens this week according to a report from The Guardian. By 'officially opens' we mean that hotels aren't completed, Switzerland is refusing to sell Kim Jong-un chairlifts, and there's no snow in sight, but yeah—they're ready for business. That is if you're the .02-percent of North Korea that skis. Oh, and good luck asking the boss for that powder day off.

ESPN Cancels Winter X Games Europe

Take your dub 12's elsewhere Bobby Brown, Winter X Games Europe is closed. PHOTO: John Moag/Flickr

Take your dub 12’s elsewhere Bobby Brown, Winter X Games Europe is closed. PHOTO: John Moag/Flickr

Winter X Games Europe was one of four X Games sites cut this week as ESPN put an end to the disastrous Global X Games experiment less than a year after its inception. Winter X Europe had been held in Tignes, France, for four years and was gaining popularity amongst spectators and competitors alike, but when sports megatron ESPN decided to shrink the brand, the France stop was left out in the cold. In related news, Kaya Turski ends Winter X Games Europe undefeated (four golds in four years), earning her the title of international supreme grand champion of all time.

Good Times in the Middle of Nowhere

In his new edit Nowhere, POWDER's October cover boy, Sean Cochrane, shows why life is tough up in the far reaches of Canadia, shredding his face off and laying down some of the sweetest tracks since Outkast's Aquemini. Edit snobs be warned, he doesn't get the grab or nail his skiing in the first few frames, but Cochrane redeems himself with dream-quality pillows and turns down breathtaking couloirs. More importantly, the dude looks like he's having fun all the time. Which reminds me, is it ski season yet?


Chairlift groin accident costs resort $1.2 million

An Australian court awarded a Sydney doctor $1.2 million after she was hit in the groin by a chairlift at an Aussie ski resort according to a 9 news report. Ghita Nair-Smith, 54, claims a wayward safety bar at Perisher Resort injured her nether-region so badly while getting on the lift that she can no longer work full time or enjoy recreational activities, namely sex. A shot to the groin can really kill the mood, but a cool mil probably helps ease the pain a bit. Now if only there was a way to collect for accidentally pole-planting between my own legs…

Jackson Wells Edit

<embed src="http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=76354597" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="400" height="300"></embed>

Jackson, the 27th member of the Wells family, proves that every single one of them can ski better than you.

Backcountry Ski Huts Close Due to Government shutdown

No backcountry for old men. PHOTO: Ilja/Flickr

No backcountry for old men. PHOTO: Ilja/Flickr

While the government shutdown didn't keep places like Crystal Mountain and Stevens Pass from opening up (for a day), the stalemate on Capitol Hill has put a temporary kibosh on several notable backcountry ski huts located in national parks. On the East Coast, the White Mountains' Hermit Lake Shelters were vacated and out West Yosemite's Ostrander Ski Hut and Sequoia's Pear Lake Ski Hut were just a few that had doors shuttered by the shutdown. With no end to the stalemate in sight and winter converging on the Western U.S., it's just a matter of time before backcountry skiers start going crazy—and, unbeknownst to the suits, that's one shitstorm neither party wants a piece of.

Skiing Punks Tiger Woods

Ski princess Lindsey Vonn finally realized how boring golf was over the weekend and decided to liven things up, releasing a squirrel on hubby Tiger Woods. Needless to say, he wasn't amused. What a square, that guy.

LINE Founder Jason Levinthal Announces New Ski Brand

A sneak peek at J Levinthal's newest project, and some cats screenshot taken from Facebook page.

A sneak peek at J Levinthal’s newest project, and some cats screenshot taken from Facebook page.

A month ago, Line Skis founder Jason Levinthal announced he was leaving K2 in search of greener pastures. Now the Burlington, Vermont, native has announced via his Facebook page that he's starting his own ski brand, J Skis. So far there isn't much information besides some sketches and cat graphics, but he is offering sign-ups to gain exclusive online product access sometime until October 15. I'm not one for hype, and I really hate surprises (ask attendees of my ninth birthday), but J has a decent track record, so this could be worth a second look.

So This Is Happening

In a world of unlimited après and hot-tubbing coeds, the only things keeping Ted Shreddington from scoring the goods are…AVALANCHE SHARKS. Okay, this trailer is ridiculous, but at least there's something to blame yard sales on this season…it's those damn sharks again.

Writer's note: After stealing Dunfee's secret codes to the Internet, I think they're actually going to let me run this thing. Glad to be aboard POWDER Maggots, let's get weird.