The Last Straw

Aspen's AJAX closes Monday. Get your Pit Viper on! PHOTO: Jeremy Swanson

This Memorial Day weekend, nine North American resort—Killington, A-Basin, Aspen/Snowmass, Snowbird, Mammoth, Timberline, Mount Bachelor, Crystal, and Whistler—are currently spinning the lifts for uber-late season turns. In other news, people may also be skiing a freshly fallen foot of snow at Jay Peak by the time you're scrolling down this page.

Team Home Movies

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Earlier this month we interviewed filmer Shane McFalls about his intention to film a part of his West Coast Session video entry with a 1988 VHS camcorder and a VX 1000 miniDV camera, both popular with skateboarders and snowboarders. The West Coast Session videos dropped, and the result of the retro technology usage is in the above edit. Definitely helps when you have some of the best style in the park game on your team.

GPSY Feeling Revelstoke

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Even without insane frontman Leo Taillefer, GPSY Feeling expats Flo Bastien and Pa Chedal seriously held it down for amateurs on this trip to Revelstoke. Plus, is that a Bio 720? I can't even remember the last time someone threw that trick.

A Very Dylan Siggers Season

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This young Fernie local made one of the few series of P.O.V. edits that really, really, really make me wish I lived someone else's life. Damn you, Dylan!

Magic Hat Loses Stock With Cool People

One of Vermont's most successful exports, Magic Hat beer, got a little less cool when their parent company sued a small craft brewery for trademark infringement on their number 9 logo. The defendant, Kentucky's West Sixth Brewing, using an upside-down 9 for their logo, otherwise known in common usage as a 6. Seems like a stretch, guys.

Cyclists' Rights!

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This week, Aspen became the first small town in America with its own bike-sharing program. Huzzah, sustainability, huzzah!

Wall Street in Steamboat Springs

There's no doubt a few of you in the hedge fund industry, sitting in your cubicle in Manhattan and dreaming of giving it all up for a life of first tracks and bartending in a ski town. Well thankfully, your career mustn't be sacrificed for the good of your ski day count, as Steamboat's own STS Partners Fund ranked seventh in the nation out of 100 top hedge funds, and its parent company Deer Park Road Corporation's assets sit right around $820 million. Sorry, Mr. Gecko, but the Hamptons beach mansion's all yours!

Mik D is back!

After four years off the slopes, the (extremely tatted-up) man, the myth, the legend—Mickael Descheneux—is back in the park. This limited selection of shots shows Mik D's still got the lazy-as-a-sloth style that set him apart from the rest of the park crowd circa 2005. We can only hope he starts skiing more and more and scares some parents away from forcing their kid into skiing just so they can make the Olympic Slopestyle Team. For the in-depth interview click-in here.