Nicky Keefer Is Not An Idiot

Wow, an intellectual park skier who isn't afraid to explore the deepest mysteries of the universe?!? I thought John Symms retired.

The Social Media Blues

A Ketchum couple is suing both Sun Valley Resort and Twitter for appropriating its Twitter handle—@SunValley—after the ski resort complained to Twitter last fall that they wanted it for themselves. Twitter told them they couldn't use the handle because they were impersonating the resort. The underdogs are calling bullshit.

Let's Play “Whose Base Village Is It Anyway?”

Come summer, a waterslide park covered in POWDER stickers will be erected on top of these fake rocks. PHOTO: Andrew Mitchell/Pique

CNL Lifestyle Properties, a company you’ve probably never heard of but which has big holdings in ski areas, is selling seven of its Intrawest-style (or Intrawest-built) ski resort base villages—notably: Whistler Creekside, Stratton, Copper, Mammoth, Snowshoe in West Virginia, and Blue Mountain in Ontario—for a combined $142 million. We have to believe one of our readers has a trust fund big enough to plop down the $9 million for the cheapest village and turn it into a POWDER theme park, replete with virtual face shots and a rollercoaster that sends you in soaring loops while packed with 99 other people, ski gear and all, in the Jackson Hole tram. Revenue at CNL's 17 ski areas jumped 16 percent this winter.

A Bunch at Big Bear

You're never entirely sure what you're watching with this edit, but given that you're sure you're watching garbage with most other edits, this is a solidly high-fivable park edit.

Sacre Tram!

Too bad Kurt Russell wasn't one of the 251 tourists on the disabled cable car, as the engine fire would have been put out in minutes.

Two hundred and fifty one people got stranded on Chamonix's Aiguille du Midi tram after the engine of one of the iconic cable cars broke down and caught on fire. Thereafter, two helicopters made 45 trips to rescue the group consisting mostly of tourists. No report as to whether the vertigo was horrible, terrible, or downright unbearable.

Not Again…

Scientific American is reporting that the Rocky Mountains have lost 20 percent of their snowpack since the 1980s alone. Two things can be done after hearing something like that: calling your senator to get them off their ass and on climate change legislation; and dumping your stocks in Denver-area waterparks.

J.P. Auclair Storm Riding

This edit isn't even that amazing, but it's by J.P. Auclair, so it's amazing.