Week in Review: March 10

Proof that racing is the most hard core of ski pursuits

Reality TV Serves A Purpose

Teen skier Nicholas Joy is safe and sound after spending two nights in the woods West of Sugarloaf after getting lost after claiming last run. Remember kids, never claim last run. Joy credited his survival prowess--which included building his own snow cave and walking towards the sound of snowmobiles--to survival-themed reality TV shows. So which was it, Bear Grylls or Dual Survival? I have a soft spot for Cody Lundin...

No Fine For VT OB'ers
So after only a week of considering it, the great state of Vermont has decided not to fine people for stupidity. They had previously been considering fining people who skied out of bounds and also needed rescuing $500. The move was prompted by the 50--yes, 50--people who got lost at Killington skiing out of bounds in one Christmas weekend.

Bear Necessities

I guess it took a super talented group of Quebexican jibbers (and yeah, that cool War of Rails contest) to get Bear Mountain to admit that skiers exist.

Risking It
There's more talk about the appropriate role of risk in the ski community this winter. The New York Times followed up their amazing Tunnel Creek story with a rather poorly reported one about the death of guide Rob Liberman, to which Steve Casimiro answered with a thoughtful rebuttal.

Let's Go For a Walk
Think big mountain skiing is intense? Slovenian downhill racer Tina Maze was getting death threats before the World Cup this past weekend. I guess Lindsey Vonn's not the only one rocking bodyguards, now.

High Times

Colorado's governor-appointed pot task force released its first set of recommendations about regulating the industry in the state since Amendment 64 passed. Included? Dispensaries could pay a steep 15 percent excise tax, with consumers paying an undefined sales tax. Most forms of advertising will be outlawed, as will use by anyone under 21. Recreational use will be limited to one ounce per person, and personal grow ops to six plants. The best news for out of state stoners? They recommended 'pot tourism' be OK'd. Get ready for a lot of missed flights, DIA.

Traveling Circus Japan

Bet you didn't know filmer Shane McFalls almost wasn't let on his plane home from Japan because he vomited in the metal detector...

The Backcountry is Everywhere...