Week In Review: Malaysia in the Winter Olympics?!

Only One Park City! Bode Bought a Barn! Snow in Jackson! BOOK NOW!!!

Vail Resorts names their behemoth Utah hybrid

Park City Mountain Resort combined with The Canyons now has one name to rule them all, "Park City." Tagline: "There Is Only One." (As in: there is only one place to ski up here and we own it, suckers!) Vail Resorts made the announcement at a press conference on Wednesday. The new logo uses Canyons’ "infinity" symbol and font (at least it isn’t Comic Sans), but includes only the words "Park City." The rebranding of the Utah resorts comes after a nasty legal battle between Vail Resorts and the (formerly) Park City Mountain Resort. They will spend $50 million to combine the two ski areas this summer, creating the largest resort in the U.S. And to think it's happening due to some late paperwork. Let this be a lesson to you, kids, turn in your homework on time or Vail will own your ass.

Giddy Up Bode Miller

From skis to stallions, Bode likes to go fast. PHOTO: Homemade

From skis to stallions, Bode likes to go fast. PHOTO: Homemade

Bode Miller, the most decorated U.S. Olympic skier of all time, said he will take at least one year off from alpine skiing to focus on racing… horses. Which is probably what most of us will end up doing with all of our “extra money” after retirement, too. Miller bought Perfect Sky 1, a 40-stall barn at Fair Hill Training Center to house his Thoroughbred operation. He told Vanity Fair, in true Bode form, "We expect a Triple Crown winner. That's what we're going for."

Miller already owns several race horses with trainer Tres Abbott and has been a longtime patron of the Kentucky Derby. "[Miller] has a sports doctor that he likes and might be bringing him to crossover from humans to horses," says Abbott. "It's going to be very interesting to see how human science will apply to horses." How ever will they get those horses in downhill suits…

Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Malaysians shooting for Winter Olympics

A group of skiers from Malaysia—where the average temperature is 80 degrees and the air is thicker than curdled chocolate milk—are looking to create their own Cool Runnings moment. Genting Resort Secret Garden (weird name for a place with snow), China's biggest ski resort and part of the bidding to host the 2022 Winter Olympiad, and will now offer Malaysian athletes a competitive training ground for international snowsports events, particularly for the Winter Olympics in 2022. (Just earlier today, China was awarded the Winter Games. We can already hear the gentle roar of their snow guns.)

Othman Mirzan, the 20-year-old grandson of a former Prime Minister is the tropical country's first competitive alpine skier. He made his international debut in the North Eastern Ski Championship in North America last November. "Malaysia has never featured in the Winter Olympics and I believe that the time has come for us to make our debut," he said. We’re all looking forward to Disney capitalizing on this story. Here’s hoping they add an Air Bud-like dog on skis.


An unusual summer cold front swept through the northern Rockies on Monday, dusting Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho with up to several inches of winter white above 8,000 feet. With only four months to go until ski season, resorts like Big Sky and Jackson Hole used the flurries as a chance to remind us all to BOOK NOW!!! BOOK NOW!!! BOOK NOW!!! Maybe this means pumpkin spice lattes will come early this year, too.

Snow at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Wait, it's July 27th. PHOTO: Peter Landsman

Snow at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Wait, it's July 27th. PHOTO: Peter Landsman

Echo Mountain returns, sans terrain park

The small ski hill off Colorado 103 above Idaho Springs will reopen to the public on December 10. Advertised as "Denver's closest Year-Round Resort," it closed to public skiing in 2012 when the 226-acre ski hill was purchased for use as a ski-racing training facility for school-aged racers. (In a flagrant display of #firstworldproblems, some lady bought it for her kids so they didn’t have to drive all the way to Summit County.) Originally designed and marketed as a terrain park for younger skiers and snowboarders when it opened for the 2005-06 season, Echo Mountain will not have a terrain park this year. The latest resort map shows two intermediate-level trails, two beginner-level trails, and two learning areas. Sounds like a good place to sled.

Arizona Snowbowl is getting a facelift

Snowbowl is adding a four-person chairlift as part of a $2 million improvement plan that came when James Coleman of Durango became a co-owner on Tuesday. Coleman had initially intended to buy Snowbowl, so it’s kind of like making an offer on a house, then just deciding to move in with the current owners instead and putting in bunk beds. So much room for activities. The improvement plan is then part of a $10 million investment covering multiple resorts managed by Coleman, including Purgatory Resort, Pajarito Mountain, and Siapapu Ski and Summer Resort.