Shaun White

Bad. Things.

Shaun White's band, Bad Things, just inked a record deal with Warner Brothers, and at least one person thinks their recently released single is pretty good. Whatever their talents, it's hard to believe Shaun's superstar athletic status had nothing to do with the deal. Skiing's greatest musical talent, metalcore singer Mickael Descheneux, unfortunately suffers from the fact that his face tattoos don't play well with the Middle America crowd.

Snowin' Like My iPod Stuck On Replay

Usually those Argies default to David Guetta for soundtracks, but we're excited to hear they've moved on to Iyaz. Oh, and it's also dumping in Las Leñas.

Tom Chapman Heads To Court

Bear Creek just can't escape the limelight.

Tom Chapman's Gold Hill Development Company went to court this week to argue their case in a lawsuit they filed against Telluride Ski & Golf to use Gold Hill Road, which runs through ski area property, to access their mining claims in Upper Bear Creek. The case will largely center around what the precedent of prior use of the road was, and whether it has been the primary access to Upper Bear Creek since the town's mining days. You'll remember that Chapman and a partner bought the land off the back of the ski resort in 2010 and threatened to close it to public use, which infuriated local backcountry skiers who cross through the parcels on their way down the valley. More recently, Chapman proposed developing his own private ski area on his parcels(s).

How To Build A Drought-Proof Fire Ring

Light my fire.

Living in the particularly arid West this summer and bumming out on all the fire restrictions? Wild Snow shows you how to build your own drought-proof fire ring for those safe and essential backyard barbeques.

Jesus Remains in Whitefish

Stand strong, man.

The Jesus statue at the top of Whitefish Mountain Resort, which had been installed in the 50's by the Knights of Columbus to honor the 10th Mountain Division's efforts in WWII after being inspired by similar idols in mountain towns in the Alps, had come under fire earlier this winter when a Wisconsin-based atheists group had sued to have the statue removed from the public Forest Service land it was on. But this week a district court judge ruled that the statue could stay and the Forest Service could issue it another ten-year permit, as the judge determined that established public use of the statue was largely secular (i.e. as a meeting point for skiers, not as a prayer venue) and that signage around the statue clearly shows the statue's relation to a private group, and not the state's endorsement of any particular religion.

Wolf Creek Fire

A close call for Wolf Creek.

While three separate forest fires – the Papoose, West Fork, and Windy Pass fires – burning roughly 83,000 acres in Colorado's Rio Grande National Forest, Wolf Creek Ski Area locals got some relief this week when officials announced that the immediate threat to the ski area from the Windy Pass Fire had diminished, as fire crews took advantage of natural features like roads, meadows, rocky patches, and aspen groves to prevent the fire from encroaching any closer.

The Pass Life

The Alpental backcountry, near Snoqualmie Pass, has plenty of options. PHOTO: WILL BAKER

Construction is officially underway at Bryce Phillips' development, on Snoqualmie Pass.

Noah Ranallo

New East Coast talent on the come up!

Schweitzer Seat Slasher
Schweitzer's bizarre vandalism case moved along last Friday when David Markwardt, a part-time resident of the area who owns two condos at the base of Schweitzer Mountain, was charged in court with the felony of malicious injury to property resulting in damages that exceed $1,000. The mountain alleges Mr. Markwardt sliced 62 separate chairlift seat cushions over the course of the past two seasons. The defendant is claiming the allegations are retaliation for calling the feds regulating the Americans with Disabilities Act on the resort, who he thought was in violation of the statute. Officials found no more than a parking spot that needed widening in that incident.