Week In Review June 16: Massive Hot Tubs and Log Slides

Scando domination continues, Alta progression, and new Whistler lifts

Jesper Norén

God help us, those Scandinavian parents are pumping out more up and coming skiers with miles-deep trick bags and good style than Tom Wallisch can keep up with.

Log Jammin'

I think it's been since Mike Douglas' segment in 13 that anyone did as impressive a tree slide on skis as this guy at 1:10.


Despite hosting a guest population that largely thinks snowboarding and its terrain parks are some sort of poison, Alta is still an amazing place to throw lots and lots of tricks. Just ask Price Foulger.

Boreal Public Summer Shred Day

If you missed it, you missed it. PHOTO: Boreal

By the time you're reading this, you will have missed the chance to ski a real live terrain park in Tahoe for $25 this Saturday, as Boreal put on its 4th annual Summer Shred Day before the start of the on-snow Woodward Tahoe camps. Unless, of course, you were there.

Whistler Lift Construction Begins

Construction on the Crystal Ridge high-speed quad and Harmany 6 six-pack is underway. Nice plow job, eh?

Colorado Wildfire Season Underway

The wrong kind of pillows. PHOTO: USAFA.

No, it's not looking great…

A Super Jay Winter

Looking good, boys and girls…

New Sugarloaf Hot Tub Warrants Press Release

Beware: The Jaded Local is en route. PHOTO: Courtesy of Sugarloaf

It's the biggest thing to happen in Maine in a generation…a 30-person hot tub!