Week In Review July 14: Liz Cheney and Carston Oliver

Las Leñas powder edit, Jackson Hole in China, and Stein Eriksen

Liz Cheney Here, I Swear I'm From Wyoming

Let's talk about this later at the Mangy Moose. That's where the locals hang out, right? PHOTO: Salon.com

Recent Teton County migrant Liz Cheney is mounting a political campaign that has raised the blood pressure of politically minded folks on both sides of the aisles in Wyoming. Liz, daughter of the Dick Cheney, is following her father's footsteps by moving to Wyoming's toniest (and most liberal) zip code, doing everything in her social media & political power to show how much she's fallen in love with her newly-adopted state (it's been about a year), and running on a familiarly conservative platform for the Senate office of mild-mannered Republican Michael Enzi, who you can be sure is no longer taking Dick, his former fly-fishing buddy, out on any more fishing trips with the boys. Jackson Hole even went as far as to call Liz a "carpetbagger." 'Dem are fighting words!

Howdy Stranger! Yonder Is Jackson Hole… China

China has its own London, Paris, and now… Jackson Hole. No Teton Pass skiing included, though. Unfortunately the smog wafting in from Beijing won't help them achieve their American counterpart's latest accomplishment – Teton County was recently named the fittest county in the nation.

Peak 6 Breaks Ground
Construction for Breckenridge's Peak 6, which will add 543 new acres of skiable terrain to the country's most-visited resort, began this week. The resort claims the expansion will give intermediate skiers the rare chance to access Breck's (often closed due to winds) alpine terrain.

Real Skiing On Real Powder at Las Leñas
<embed src="http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=69848863" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="400" height="300"></embed>
No saucy South American chicks this week, but rather some real live pow skiing from Las Leñas and a near mid-line collision with a startled jackrabbit.

Carston Oliver and His Damn Multiple Talents
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Well his bike doesn't have pegs, but perennial sender and quiet dude Carston Oliver can do a 360 on bike. Lucky!

Euro Trailers!

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Skinny Legs Jenkins
<embed src="http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=69848863" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="400" height="300"></embed>

Rob Heule's been living out of a van so long I think it's starting to effect his body fat index, which is somewhere around 0.2%. Nonetheless, the lack of girth hasn't prevented him from throwing some nice tricks on the glacier up at Camp of Champions. Lucky!

Mammoth Land Swap Support Letter Sent; June Lake "Discouraged"

After a long period of contentious debate and acrimonious accusations, the Mono County supervisors voted unanimously to send out a letter to California congressmen & women in support of Mammoth Mountain's land trade with the Forest Service, which would give the mountain 20 acres and $500 million worth of developable real estate at the base of the hill, while providing the town and county with millions in new taxes. The Committee For a Viable June Mountain was deeply disappointed, having wanted to wait another six months to make sure MMSA CEO Rusty Gregory stayed true to his word about making improvements at June. The supes asserted that the letter would be something they could "hang over Rusty's head" to make sure he followed through.

Stein Eriksen A Okay

Still the man.

After a health scare surrounding unnamed neurological issues, skiing legend Stein Eriksen was released from a Salt Lake hospital after being lifeflighted out of his home near Deer Valley the weekend before the 4th of July.