Good God, Tatum Monod
There are plenty of ripping ladies out there, but Tatum Monod has to be up there in the overall category. Very few humans, male or female, are hitting the backcountry, jump, and terrain park scene with this much gusto. Oh, and she just made Alaska look easy on the first try. Swoon.

Forest Service hunting illegal glade-cutters in New Mexico
The U.S. Forest Service has offered a cash reward for information regarding the illegal glade cutting plaguing certain areas just outside of Ski Santa Fe in New Mexico. Haha, good luck with that one, guys. Ain't nobody going to snitch for a measly cash reward. Oh, $5,000, you say? That's enough for me to buy a one-way ticket to Japan and a couple of season passes. Sorry, Tree Trim Tim, my hands are tied.

Bridger Brigade kicks off the season
If you don't know the line-crushing cowboys known as the Bridger Brigade, here's a friendly reminder that the Bozeman-based crew is cooking with gas. Season 3 Episode 1 of their popular Bomb Snow TV series hits the Purcell Mountains in BC and is certainly the powder stoke you were looking for on a Friday afternoon. Let's go skiing, eh?

BC medical professionals suggest helmets be made mandatory
Hot on the heels of Nova Scotia's Brookvale Provincial Park making helmets mandatory, doctors in another Canadian province are calling for a similar ordinance on their area slopes. British Columbia's B.C. Coroners Service has urged the province to consider making the use of brain buckets non-negotiable. There is no indication that official action has been taken, but with medical professional asking for a change, this is sure to be an issue worth watching in months to come.

Vail casually rakes in $1.4 billion
Well, would ya look at that, it looks like someone is making money in the ski industry! Vail posted a rather impressive $1.4 billion yearly tally from last season, which is pretty impressive considering snow struggles up and down the West Coast. Selling rare baby elk chili for $27 a bowl doesn't hurt that margin either, I suppose.

Everyone needs an ego boost
Sometimes I go to the bunny hill and do the same thing…

Aspen cocaine bust: So Aspen it hurts
A bro got busted this week outside of Little Annie's Eatery trying to master his own kind of ski line. When confronted by the cops, he gave the best answer of all time: "Of course I have cocaine up my nose. It's Aspen." Golf clap, good sir. And they say it doesn't snow in Colorado…