Week In Review — Hey guys, Canada is skiing!

The Burger King can shred! Aspen loves drunk karaoke! European skiing does Deflategate!

Burger King has a phenomenal retro ski commercial
The King gets it, just flyin' high, like an ace. Best ski ad I've seen all week. Thanks, 1981.

They're already skiing couloirs in Banff
It's happening! It's really happening! After snow-blessed interior B.C., a couple of wily Canucks took to the couloirs and earned some early season fresh. Careful of those wind slabs, boys, but nice turns nonetheless.

Europe caught exaggerating ski-run lengths…again
After an initial report stated that several European resorts were exaggerating their trail lengths, a secondary report published in the Telegraph indicates that some of the resorts in question in France and Austria are reporting up to a 200-percent exaggeration on their overall kilometers of ski terrain.

So this has to be the Deflategate of skiing, right? Can we issue these guys a four-week ski ban? Messieurs, if this throws off my Strava, I'm going to be seriously pissed.

Sketchy or not, Nikolai Schirmer has one speed—Mach.

Aspen man shows up drunk to court, blames karaoke
After being arrested and accused of stealing $200 from a debit card left at a town ATM, an Aspenite showed up for his hearing visibly intoxicated and did what any self-respecting ski bum would do: He blamed it on the previous night's High Life-infused rendition of Nickelback. According to the Aspen Times, Daniel Enzfelder was coming off a karaoke bender when he stepped into court and apologized to the judge. "I'm human. We all make mistakes," he added. Upon being led to the drunk tank, he told the judge not to worry, he would be back in no time. "I have a high metabolism. I have Superman's metabolism."

Skiing Mexico in a weekend
Here's a pretty unique backcountry adventure. Fly to Mexico, drive uncharted mountain roads, climb and ski the third highest peak, Orizaba—all in 55 hours. This cool little documentary redefines the weekend-warrior experience.

Sweetgrass goes full-on mountain biking
Right on the heels of last year's Afterglow, Sweetgrass has decided to take the light show into mountain biking, dropping the trailer for its new two-wheeled project Darklight this week. Too be honest, the trailer looks like a remake of the ski version, but knowing the boys from Sweetgrass, it's sure to bring some psychedelic surprises.

So those .Ski domain names are now available
Finally, an Internet just for skiers. Domains got a lot more ski-centric this week with the opening of registration for .ski domain names. The move is meant to help resorts with generic names stand out and to help outdoor brands become more recognizable in the black hole known as the Interweb. It also allows ski bums to get in on the action and register their own personal domain names. Dibs on SkiCool.ski and WuTangIz4TheChildren.ski. What you got?