Week in Review: Freeskiers Go Smokejumping in B.C.

Ski Team Puppy! Ski Town Police Blotters! Avalanche Safety Vests?!

Vinnie Cash goes Instabanging
Look, even if you don't like park skiing, despise park rats, and don't know a single one of these tricks, you have to respect the kosak to screamin' semen at :30. This guy risked future fertility for an Internet edit, and, despite you wanting the fail reel, he stomps out the landing harder than McGruff stomps out crime.

USSA adopts new mascot. Oh look, it's a puppy.
I won't fall for clickbait, I won't fall for clickbait, I won't fall for...DAW it's a cute little puppy, I can't even! Every sports team needs a mascot. Meet Champ, the official mascot of the U.S. Ski Team, U.S. Snowboarding and U.S. Freeskiing. USSA also bought NASTAR this week, which is actually big news, but Champ the puppy still wins the Internet.
Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 1.47.08 PM

Mount Ascutney proposes rope tow for next season
The long defunct Vermont mountain that has gotten New England stirring with its plans to reopen as a backcountry zone may be adding a little diesel power to its gamut this season. The West Windsor select board voted in favor of reopening the hill last week and a proposition that would install a single rope tow at the area. While this is good news for the hill as a whole, it may cause some grumbles within the backcountry community looking forward to a human-powered escape.

Check out this new avalanche safety vest
While Black Diamond's revolutionary JetForce packs were recalled this week, a video of a new avalanche safety concept made the rounds. The product, a carbon frame vest, is meant to reduce chest trauma in a slide and potentially allow for lungs to expand when put under pressure. This "avy vest" is likely a ways off from being a marketable product, but it's an interesting alternative view on avalanche safety that seems worth some dialogue.

Freeride World Tour makes bold sponsorship move
The FWT has decided to axe The North Face in favor of Swedish outerwear-provider Peak Performance. While this may not seems like a huge deal, remember that The North Face was one of the only premier sponsors of the Tour from North America, and as the FWT has gradually shifted its operation across the pond, the move to another Euro sponsor could have lasting implications on North America's FWT legacy. Guess we'll just have to send in George Rodney for Round 2. 'Murica.

B.C. Wildfires threatening to smoke out Horstman Glacier
With over 100 wildfires raging around BC, smoke is finding it's way into many of the regions recreational playgrounds. Even Blackcomb's Horstman Glacier, set high above the valley floor, experienced flat-light conditions and an air quality rating of "high risk," according to Canada's air quality health index. Neither Momentum nor Camp of Champions cancelled freeski camps this week, but all admitted that this year's smoke smells far different than year's past.
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