Week In Review — East Coast Gets Them Guns Going!

Ski Utah goes POW! Volcano skiing the Sea of Japan! Climb downhill!

Sunday River is firing up them snow guns, kehd
The Mainers have heard enough about snow in the Canadian Rockies and fresh coats in Montana, and have turned on their own weathermakers before the clock strikes October. Sunday River fired up 40 of its snow guns for early season testing this week, and while its more a logistical move than a skiing one, that thin blanket has Gronk Nation Nor'Easter dreamin'.
Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 1.58.06 PM

Offseason stoke: Downhill climbing
There's a new sport sweeping the world, and the bar of excellence has never been so low. Welcome to downhill climbing, the sport you never knew you needed.

Dylan Siggers keeps em' coming.
Dylan Siggers and his Burr Lapz crew always seem to have a little something extra lying around to get us jazzed for snow sliding season. Your daily dose of cliff drops, park laps, and urban washed down with a healthy dose of Canadian face shots.

DPS Japan edit is just enough to get us through
Cider donuts and pumpkin beer are nice, but sometimes the only thing getting me through the fall is a Japan edit like this. May we all surf the white wave in the very near future. Kan pai, sensei.

Nimbus hits us with its best yet
If Nimbus Independent isn’t in your Fav 5 yet, it damn well ought to be. These guys go further, deeper, higher enough to make Jeremy Jones blush, much less the rest of the ski movie world.

Ski Utah teams up with POW
Ski Utah threw its hat in the ring this week, teaming up with Protect Our Winters to raise awareness about climate change and what exactly it means for the 14 major ski areas in the Beehive State. According to a report released this week by Ski Utah, the organization has already sent a letter to Utah Governor Gary Herbert asking that he uphold his end of the newly passed Clean Power Act as well as urging him to create a gameplan for future regulations. That’s one small step for Ski Utah, and one giant leap for skiers everywhere.

Ski adventure of the week: Onekotan
I'm not sure how they snagged the Movie Trailer Guy to narrate (I guess that's what a Red Bull budget buys you these days), but this film about ski touring off a remote volcano in the Sea of Japan is nothing short of le epic. In a world, where Internet ruins productivity and pow rules the universe…