Higher Love returns to Big Sky!
In a world where sequels can be hit or miss, the second edition of everybody's favorite ski music video is absolute fuego.
Beardsicles! Guitar face shots! Plot twists! Oh my.

British skier fends off wolf pack
In a headline that reads stranger than fiction, one Brit had a rough go of it this week when he was forced to fight off a pack of wolves during a ski outing in Bulgaria. After crashing into a tree off piste, Janveer Sandhu came face to face with the three wild beasts, deciding to ditch his ski boots and make a run for it. Slogging through waist deep snow in his ski socks, the 30-year-old eventually climbed a tree to escape danger, staying the night in his perch and eating snow to stay hydrated. He suffered severe frostbite in both legs, but was rescued the next day and is currently in the hospital.

In similar news, I narrowly avoided a pack of cougars in downtown Park City last week, escaping disaster by ducking into the nearest dive bar.

Good Company drops B & E Invitational remix
Tom Wallisch and team found their way to France for the most creative comp in skiing, and, thankfully for us, decided to bring a couple of cameras along. Check out the B & E Invitational through the eyes of the Good Company crew.

David Wise grabs world record hip jump
Halfpipe savant David Wise took a break from dominating the stunt ditch to write his name into the history books last week, breaking the world record for highest hip jump at the 9 Knights competition in South Tyrol, Italy. The Wiseman coasted a casual 47 feet off the deck, which is pretty much the stratosphere as far as I'm concerned. To the moon, David!

Maine resorts turn on the snow guns…in April?
Winter may have forgotten to show up along most of the Eastern Seaboard, but Sugarloaf and Sunday River decided it wasn't going out without a fight, turning on snow guns in April and keeping the ski train rolling. Why? Because, East Coast. Get it? Yeah, neither do we.

iF3 cancels for 2016
One of the top ski video awards shows in the world has announced that it will take an indefinite hiatus this week in a letter from former president Felix Rioux. With Rioux stepping down from his position, the festival, which had stops on three continents and had been running since 2007, will not be touring in 2016, continuing the debate over the future of feature-length ski films.