Week In Review August 30: Combo Ski Passes and Park City Eviction

Girl hates Lake Tahoe, Epic gets more epic, and Snowbird get its own beer

Talisker & Vail Trying To Evict Park City Mountain Resort

Park City Mountain Resort photo

In a truly wild turn in what has been an increasingly heated and hostile lawsuit, Talisker (and by association, Vail Resorts) dropped off an eviction notice at the offices of Park City Mountain Resort Wednesday, giving them until Labor Day to vacate the thousands of acres of ski terrain they've been leasing from Talisker. This comes in the middle of a lawsuit in which PCMR has sued Talisker in order to legitimize a 2011 renewal of a lease for the land on which PCMR operates, which they have rented for the paltry annual sum of $155,000 on terms that have essentially remained unchanged since the 1970s.

Talisker's eviction notice comes after PCMR admitted in court documents that it missed the renewal date for its lease with Talisker by two days, and either by mistake or intention, postmarked the documents to the last possible day for renewal, April 30, 2011. In the eviction notice, Talisker cited PCMR's refusal to agree upon a "fair rent" for the ski terrain and the backdating scandal as two reasons why it is taking "a different approach to our dispute and long-term relationship."

If Talisker wins the lawsuit, control of PCMR could be handed over to Vail Resorts, as such a possibility was included in the lease agreement Vail signed with Talisker recently to operate The Canyons for the next 50 years. Many Park City locals are lambasting PCMR for crying wolf, and while they don't expect the resort will actually close this winter, more than a couple are hoping an Epic Pass allowing access to both PCMR and The Canyons is the result of this legal saga.

Demystifying the Combo Ski Pass Options
Confused about what the difference is between the Epic Pass, the Mountain Collective, the Powder Alliance Pass and the Tahoe Local Pass? POWDER's Kade Krichko breaks down all the options, their cost, what mountains they get you access to, and what restrictions they have for MTN Advisor.

I Hate Lake Tahoe

God, the nerve of these ski towns with their fresh air, relaxed attitudes, and outdoor activities!

Park City Condo First Listing To Use "Epic" In Title

Everything in snowsports is so epic these days, likely because everyone is so stoked. There are epic powder days, epic Youtube videos, and epic breakfast burritos. Of course, it was only a matter of time before the overleveraged lingo of action sports would seep into mainstream culture to enough of an extent to start marketing ski town condos to Manhattanites using today's most cutting-edge/overplayed descriptors. This 2,870 square foot condo on Park City's Main Street, currently on the market for $2.1 million, is the first we've seen to use the phrase "epic" in a listing title. It's only a matter of time before we see "Epic $64 Million Aspen Mansion Will Make You Totally Stoked!"

Snowbird Gets Its Own Beer


A Snowbird-branded beer that's made it Utah but isn't 3.2%? Yes, please! A year after making a 75th Anniversary Ale for Alta, the Utah Brewers Cooperative is making a brew for Alta's Little Cottonwood neighbors at a healthy 4.0%. It's called the Snowbird Dunkelweizen.