Week in Review: April 8

Closing day is the best day

B Shots

Not sure if “B Shots” is some kind of joke, because Leo Taillefer slays this thing.

Closing Day

Closing day bikinis

We’re well into April, and you can tell who had a good season based on the release of upcoming closing dates for ski areas around the country. Squallywood is only staying open until the 22nd of the month, while Alpine Meadows is set to keep the lifts spinning until May 5th, Killington is planning to stay open at least as long, and most of the Utah resorts are closing April 14th.

Campaign for Snake Runs

More of this, please!

Mammoth Spring Break

Good skiing and “mad progression” from Cole Drexler in the tap department.

Dump No More

An Alaskan town is considering implementing a ban of public defecation, so keep your Taco Bell runs to a minimum should you pass through Bethel, Alaska, this spring.

Dan Steth

Lowell Mountain Resort

We in the hood, y’all!

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