Week In Review — A Year After Spinal Injury, Jim Harris Back On Skis!

Thankful for Gpsy Feeling! Skiing with Wu Tang! 50-year expansion!?

Photographer Jim Harris gets back on skis after accident
Just about a year after Powder Senior Photographer Jim Harris suffered a severe spinal injury in a kiting accident in Patagonia, he returned to skis in his native Utah, enjoying an emotional first day of the season at Alta this past weekend. His recovery has been documented in a Powder Awards nominated film, Places to Go, but the latest chapter is one the whole ski community has anxiously awaited since Day 1. Welcome back, Jim, you’re the man.

Gpsy Feeling is the answer to Black Friday
I hate lift lines, so why the heck would I volunteer to wait on line for the next Tickle Me Elmo? If you're looking for me, I'll be checking out this new 20-minute masterpiece and getting that good old fashioned Gpsy Feeling.

Thankful for the return of ski orienteering season
Yeah we're excited for all of the powder falling across North America and Europe, but we should all be truly thankful that it's officially ski orienteering season. After all, who is progressing the world of trail map navigation than our ladies and gents in the World Cup of Ski Orienteering? Laugh if you must, but when these Nordic skiers with maps attached to their chests blow by you on the way to first tracks, you'll be sorry you ever doubted Stanimir Belomazhev and the bunch.

Vancouver area resort eyes 50-year expansion
Two hours from Vancouver, Hemlock Resort and its four lifts and 35 trails has announced its intentions to expand from 23 lifts and over 250 trails with an overall acreage akin to Revelstoke. The only catch? The proposed expansion is supposed to be completed over a 50-year span, meaning that the crew involved with kicking off the expansion may never get a chance to shred the fruits of their labor. I'm just saying, I like to think I'm a relatively generous and giving person, but if I'm going to cut a ski trail, I sure as s#%t better still have knees to ski it.

Welcome to Clayton Vila's 'Side B'
Urban warrior Clayton Vila skipped the sides and jumped into the good stuff on his stripped down action edit from this year's Powder Awards-nominated For Lack of Better. Bon appétit.

Wu Tang's Raekwon spices up new B & E movie trailer
As if Phil Casabon and Henrik Harlaut's skiing didn't already speak for itself, they asked Raekwon to do a little more of the talking for them. The Wu Tang Clan rapper released an exclusive track for the trailer to the duo's new two-year project, Be Inspired, and who knows, maybe there's a future in ski rap after all.

Unfortunately, despite exponential advances in Internet connectivity, you’ll need to click this link to enjoy. Don’t worry, it’s worth the gander.

Kevin Rolland and Julien Regnier challenge Candide
Another day, another creative AF French ski video. This time stunt ditch savant Kevin Rolland takes on ever-evolving Julien Regnier in a cheeky cat and mouse ski edit that echoes Candide's masterpiece(s) One of Those Days. I'm torn here. Is this the new crème-de-la-crème of follow edits or just a sweet impostor?