Watch Ian McIntosh on “Good Morning America”

Skier describes surviving 1,600 foot fall, show hosts go home with soiled shorts

Ian McIntosh discusses his fall on "Good Morning America."
Ian McIntosh discusses his fall on “Good Morning America.”

Ian McIntosh was a guest on “Good Morning America” Wednesday after TGR released footage of the skier tomahawking more than 1,600 feet down a mountain face in Alaska’s Neacola range. The fall, which left McIntosh uninjured, occurred while filming for TGR’s “Paradise Waits” last year. McIntosh fell into a five-foot-deep trench on one of his first turns at the top of a line.

Highlights from the interview with ABC’s TJ Holmes include a well-placed advertisement for “Paradise Waits,” some product placement by The North Face, a possible F-bomb from Michael Strahan, and muggles non-skiers learning about avalanche packs. For more fun, set aside an hour or three this afternoon to read through these GMA Facebook comments.

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