Lindsey Vonn Wins

Vonn celebrates for like, the 70th time. Seriously. PHOTO: Lindsey Vonn/Facebook

Lucky number three struck again this weekend as Lindsey Vonn secured three straight wins at Lake Louise for the third time in her career. She also won the women’s Super G by a margin of 1.32 seconds, beating out Austria’s Tamara Tippler by the largest margin in the event in nearly 20 years. Just 16 wins away from Ingemar Stenmark’s record 86 World Cup Wins, Vonn continues to cement herself as the most celebrated female racer of all time.

Favorite Mikaela Shiffrin made her World Cup debut on the Super G course this weekend, but placed 15th—a far cry from her record breaking weekend in Aspen. But if she follows Vonn’s path even a little bit, Shiffrin’s got at least another decade to prove herself in the speed disciplines.

In the men’s competition, Marcel Hirscher took first in both Super G and Giant Slalom, taking out America’s Ligety in Super G by 0.33 seconds. Ligety was gunning for his sixth straight Beaver Creek Giant Slalom win, but fell on his first run.

Norway’s Aksel Lund Svindal continued his winning streak, taking first in Men’s Downhill in Beaver Creek after a successful weekend at Lake Louise (first in downhill and Super G). Out for nearly all last season with an Achilles injury, Svindal’s proved he’s back in fine form.

Check out the complete results below:

Men’s Downhill, Beaver Creek 12/4/15
1. Aksel Lund Svindal, NOR (1:42.34)
2. Kjetil Jansrund, NOR (1:42.64)
3. Guillermo Fayed, FRA (1:43.04)

Men’s Super G, Beaver Creek 12/5/15
1. Marcel Hirscher, AUT (1:06.90)
2. Ted Ligety, USA (1:07.23)
3. Andrew Weibrecht, USA (1:07.26)

Men’s Giant Slalom, Beaver Creek 12/6/15
1. Marcel Hirscher, AUT (2:32.58)
2. Victor Muffat-Jeandet, FRA (2:33.56)
3. Henrik Kristofferson, NOR (2:33.89)

Ladies’ Downhill, Lake Louise, 12/4/15
1. Lindsey Vonn, USA (1:50.50)
2. Cornelia Huetter, AUT (1:51.08)
3. Ramona Siebenhoffer, AUT (1:51.57)

Ladies’ Downhill, Lake Louise, 12/5/15
1. Lindsey Vonn, USA (1:50.43)
2. Fabienne Suter, SUI (1:51.48)
3. Cornelia Huetter, AUT (1:21.14)

Ladies’ Super G, Lake Louise, 12/6/15
1. Lindsey Vonn, USA (1:19.79)
2. Tamara Tippler, AUT (1:21.11)
3. Cornelia Huetter, AUT (1:21.14)