Video: Andreas Fransson Skis Denali’s South Face

'If you want to freeze? Go to Denali. It's the best place.' - AF

Last May, in Alaska, the Swedish-by-way-of-Chamonix ski mountaineer Andreas Fransson made a solo descent of the unskied South Face of Denali (20,320 feet), one of the largest “ski-able” faces in the world, at 9,000 feet. On the same trip, Fransson also climbed the classic Cassin Route and skied two other classic lines, the Messner Couloir and Orient Express—the sum of which translates from alpinese to ski-bra roughly thusly: pretty hairball sh*t, bro. (See a comprehensive report on Fransson’s South Face mission, by via, HERE; and find Fransson’s own account on his personal blog HERE.)

In any case, on Monday—a day before Fransson and his friend and filmmaker, Bjarne Sahlén, left for Quito, Ecuador, on another ski mission—Sahlén posted online a 13-minute documentary video from Fransson’s Denali South Face descent. The video, above, is candid and raw, with footage captured mostly from Fransson’s own mini-cams.

So what’s ahead for the Fransson/Sahlén duo in South America? Three months of adventure, through Dec. 20, in the mountains of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile, according to Sahlén, a Swede who also lives in Chamonix.

“The thought is that Andreas is going to ski some high summits and I will film everything,” Sahlén said in an email. He added, “I talked to Andreas and … we don’t like to talk about what our plans are exactly. We can talk after, not before we done something.” — Tim Mutrie