Who made skiing more ridiculous this week?

Vail cops a few space mountain trucks
After watching Whistler introduce a modified GMC Sierra with snowmobile treads last winter, Vail figured it would go out and order four, upping the absurdity ante and adding a few more moving obstacles to its terrain. Luckily, it doesn't look like Staten Stan can rent and rally these bad boys around the slopes, so we're (kind of) safe for now.

Michigan resorts bet on longest season
Lots of resorts blow snowmaking smoke when it comes to the longest ski season, but two Michigan resorts are putting their money on it, throwing down a $1000 wager on who will keep the bull wheel greased the latest this spring. After a snowy April, Boyne Mountain and Mount Bohemia are both still operating on a limited schedule, holding out on board shorts and mountain bikes until the last drop. In order to win the bet, the ski area must be open at least five hours for at least a single day every week, with the loser donating $1000 to a charity of the winner's choice. And they say competition isn't healthy. Psh.

Big Sky unveils The Ocho, 8-seater chairlift
A Big Sky Bienvenido to The Ocho, the Montana resort's grandest people mover yet. Featuring eight ergonomically-designed seats and a big ole bubble, the new lift will replace the Ramcharger quad, making it easier than ever to pretend you're not skiing while, in fact, skiing. The real question here: More than eight people ski off Ramcharger?

Val d'Isère announces historic June ski season
For the first time in its (approximately) billion-year history, France's Val d'Isère will be keeping the kids schussing lower mountain into June this year. Capping its mammoth snow year in style, the resort will re-open its lower mountain terrain in June (after a brief May break), before then moving to its scheduled glacier skiing season. Part of the reason for the late-season push is that the road up to the glacier is currently under too much snow, meaning that keeping the lower mountain open is, well, necessary. Imagine that.

Carinthia skis spring park, afterbangs out
East Coast park season wound down this week, and Mount Snow's Carinthia Parks gave it a fitting farewell. A little recap from the Ice Coast's creative Ground Zero. More than a decade of putting together one of the most recognizable parks in skiing. Well done, kids.