Olympic Valley, CA UnofficialSquaw.com is proud to announce The Unofficial Game of G.N.A.R., happening at Squaw Valley, USA the first 2 weeks of March, 2010. The game of G.N.A.R. (Gaffney's Numerical Assessment of Radness), as published in the book Squallywood, by Dr. Robb Gaffney, is a game conceived of by Shane McConkey and Robb Gaffney as well as several of their friends from the Tahoe Area. The goal in the game is to get as many points as possible by skiing radical lines, minimizing penalties, and gathering bonus points by performing humorous and embarrassing acts. Every difficult line and cliff at Squaw Valley, as well as all the embarrassing acts and penalties are assigned point values with a general rule: the more uncomfortable one feels when doing something, the more points they're going to get.

squawUnofficial Squaw is hosting the 2 week game and looking for 20 competitors (male, female, skiers, snowboarders) to battle for the winner –take-all prize of $25,000! That's enough money to encourage some great skiing/riding as well as some really funny embarrassing acts. To top it off, it will all be caught on film by professional cinematographers and the helmet cameras on each competitor. The footage will be edited into a film that is likely going to be one of the funniest ski films of all time.

A few excerpts from Shane's introduction to G.N.A.R. sum up the purpose of the competition: "Here at Squallywood, it is important to compete with each other as well as ourselves while out on the mountain…No powder day at Squaw would be complete without a little attitude thrown around and some egos to stroke and crush…On a testing ground of such incomprehensible sickness, and with a cast of riders so loaded with talent, how does one compare themselves? Through competition and with points, naturally." Dr. Gaffney is extremely excited to see a game of G.N.A.R. come to fruition. "I think this thing is going to be really funny. People are going to be embarrassed, doing things they won't necessarily want to be doing."

If you would like to compete in The Unofficial Game of G.N.A.R., send a resume and portfolio to unofficialgameofgnar@gmail.com. The selection process will also include a formal interview.

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