Meet my girl Lily. Isn't she great? She follows me everywhere I go, my badass black-lady-dove hovering above me like a little amateur video capturing angel. You my girl, Lily.

You know what I've always thought? The world needs more me, and there just aren't enough good selfie angles out there. And also, man, I wish I didn't have to have my friend pilot this drone that is following me while I'm skiing. Answer: my girl Lily.

You know what else? Selfie sticks just aren't long enough! But now: Lily! She'll be there when I struggle through the best dust on crust of the season, when I maneuver super-awkwardly through the parking lot in ski boots, and even when I don't land that 360. Lily you my girl.

Hey, want to get a siiiiick shot of the boys on the lift? Free Lily! Now we throw our hands in the air and look around at the mountains like "oh my god is this real life?!?!?" Boom. We're going to get like at least 22 views on that. Who doesn't want to watch an aerial shot of me and the boys riding a chairlift?

Another idea (do not steal it): aerial POV of me eating a ham sandwich on the sun deck! Give lady Lily a little toss and let her wings fly. Who needs helicopters??? This moment just became real. Like.

One problem though. A viewer on that YouTube clip asked a perfectly great question. Could he get more than one Lily to follow him at once? Good. Point. One Lily will not be enough. I need to get a shot of Lily getting the shot of another Lily getting the shot of my selfie stick getting the shot of me, if I really want this thing to go semi-viral. Buy three Lily's get the fourth free? Think about it, Lily. You my girl.

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