Trew Story: Grand Snow At Grand Targhee

Pow ho! Photo: Robb Perry

The pre-season has been going off, and Harvey the RV thought it necessary to take a little trip down to Jackson for some tasty pow. On the Itinerary was the TREW-sponsored "Miller's Thriller," directed by Darryl Miller. Word is Darryl can also put down the camera to slay lines on the extra curricular.

His film proved it, with lines shot from the angle of a guy who can see magic happening. The second thing in the plan was getting pumped at Grand Targhee with an awesome opening base.

Our timing was either terrible or perfect for our tour into Jackson; on one hand, it was too early in the season for the Hole to be open, and town was empty because it was pre-season. On the other hand, the pass at Jackson was great backcountry, and Targhee was announcing their Saturday opening, with equally as sick terrain.

After a day of touring on the pass, we were in for a bodacious movie premier. “Miller's Thriller,” one of the most insane local videos we had seen. Filled with mind-blowing pow, cliff drops, and ski-BASEing, it was hard not to love these local boys and respect their balls-to-the-wall style of shredding… Nice work Darryl!

One more day riding the pass made us want more, and so the decision was made to continue our tour back over Teton Pass for some lift-served pow, compliments of our friends at the Grand Targhee.

The stoke was dangerously high when we got to the Targhee lot on Sunday morning. We found out it was extra-high because Saturday's grand opening was cut short at 1 in the afternoon due to wind. This meant the Sunday session was about to go off. After a couple of runs and some big smiles, we ran into local legend Rob Kingwell and long time Mt. Hood shredder Griffin Cummings. Grand Targhee proved to be a new favorite for us all.

Taking Dreamcatcher up Fred’s Mountain with bone-chilling winds left us warm and giddy on the inside, because we knew those same howling winds would leave the leeward ridge sides filled with the light and fluffy. We headed skiers left on the top of Fred’s, and crept out the vista ridge to catch the amazing views of the Grand Teton, which luckily had peeked out for some picture perfects. Down from there was the amazing untracked Instructor Chutes that led to a little gully stash.

The early part of the day was spent slaying far Instructor's and surrounding runs. It only got better after a quick break at Harvey: The sun broke out of the clouds minutes after we left the camera at the RV (of course), and our season-opener riding lifts was complete, with untracked lines almost right under the lift.
—Phineas England