Too Much Time on My Hands

Words by Mike Rogge

Seventeen year old Danny Roockley skis in the United Kingdom. Let that last sentence resonate in your brain for a minute… Ok… Good. While skiing is a year-round, dry-slope, and indoor sport for the UK skiers, that doesn't mean they don't have their down time to sit inside, pop in a ski flick, and in Danny's case, recreate Dane Tudor's Everyday is a Saturday film segment, trick-by-trick, using the online videogame Gnarshmallow. Check it.

Dane Tudor Gnarshmallow remix from Danny Roockley on Vimeo.

As the Northern Hemisphere's winter slowly (Snowbird is still getting snow and Mammoth is still buried) creeps to an end and we all start getting a little loony dreaming up deep powder days and sunny park laps, let's take a minute and get to know a skier from across the pond that clearly caught the summer's first case of cabin fever.

Give the readers a brief synopsis of Dane's segment from Poor Boyz Productions' Everyday is a Saturday:
The intro to the movie is Dane’s segment with Tanner voicing over saying he kills it everywhere from pillow lines, to urban rails, and then going to Alaska and still not looking out of his league. [The segment is] edited to Take a Minute by K’Naan, gives it a really chilled vibe, and shows what skiing is about; throwing down everywhere and having fun in the process.

Let's just get it out there. How many hours do you spend playing Gnarshmallow?
I hardly ever played it up until a few weeks ago, but since I left college for study leave procrastination has taken that time to about 2 hours a day.

How many times have you watched Everyday is a Saturday?
Quite a lot, when driving to other slopes or bored in college I watch them on my iPod so maybe 20-25 times.

How long did it take you to create the edit?
erm, roughly 2-3 hours. I spent a while watching his edit, then seeing what was possible to recreate on Gnarshmallow, and then threw it together on movie maker after screen capturing it.

Why did you choose to recreate Dane Tudor's segment specifically? Why not another skier?
I liked that his segment pretty much covers all the aspects of freeskiing: BC, Big Mountain, and Urban. I felt as though this would be the best to make because other movie segments only focused on one or two of these aspects. His bit also was probably my favorite seg out of all the films this year as well.

Are you a Dane Tudor fan?
Yeah because he kills skiing in lots of ways and he shows it’s possible to be that well-rounded on the slopes and in the city. Definitely a stand out skier to me.

Do you think a skiing video game for Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 should be made?
Yeah definitely, SSX was good but lost the realism when doing a handstand on a ski doing a loop rail. I’d love to see a decent game come out that would get people outside the sport stoked like Tony Hawk did.

How many hours do you spend, on average, outside?
Maybe like an hour or 2 tops. Being ginger isn’t good in sunny weather and I ski indoor as well.

What's the ski scene in the UK like?
The UK scene is such a tight-knit community; you can turn up to a slope and literally know almost everyone there. Competitions offer chances to catch up with friends you haven’t seen for a while and generally have fun. There are many ways we can ski as well, indoor, dendix and snowflex. The parks are pretty sick and the monthly event at Cas means the park is stepped up to things like 20m down flat down rails and cliff drops. There’s one major filming and clothing company with Unity who are legit. Here’s an edit they made last year which shows the UK pretty well. Just glad it’s being recognized now even with the Jiberish team doing a quick 2-leg stop.

FILTH from Unity Productions on Vimeo.

Have you ever skied on natural snow?
Yeah, I have, been a few times to Europe, such as Les2Alpes and Serre Chevalier. Possibly the biggest trip was to Northstar this winter to visit my brother and the park there was better than anything I have ever seen and ridden. Their smallest kicker was the size of our biggest and was really well shaped.

How many days did you ski this year?
Wednesdays are building and testing the park we built and every Thursday and Friday night having fun and filming with the Unity crew. All summer there is going to be a line set up so will be down riding most days. My estimate is at 120. Indoor slopes are where its at.

Dane's PVA Breakthrough Winner Award:

And Danny, since we didn't want your "hard work" to go to waste and we think it's really cool that you recreated Dane's segment, we forwarded your video to Dane. Here's the 2010 Powder Video Award Breakthrough Performance winner's response: