The Story Behind Super G TV Episode 23

Former POWDER intern, rapper, and current Smith Optics team manager talks about his 23rd video edit

It’s been noted here and there that Smith Optics Team Manager Gabe Schroder is the best skier in ski marketing. Now that the Denver native turned Ketchum local dropped his latest Super G TV edit, it’s hard to argue.

You could call it the most voluminous discography of marketing manager ski edits with Super G TV. But Super G’s efforts are more than that. Combining soul with the most genuine stoke and stomps in the amateur big-mountain game, Super G and his 23 edits have been an inspiration to us all, especially when sitting behind an insurance salesman-like desk, trying to pen ski stories in Southern California.

For episode 23, we asked Super G for his take on an edit produced in his backyard near Galena Summit outside Ketchum, Idaho.

POWDER: This is radical-looking snow and conditions for Idaho. When did you shoot this?
Super G: We had a maritime snowpack in December here, which is super rare since it’s usually so cold that time of the year. It was all filled in and looking good, so we went out there and sent it.

No doubt you sent it. You cranked the throttle pretty hard for December with some of those airs.
Well, you can’t wait around for another storm around these parts because we don’t get a lot of snow here. The conditions called for some air time.

Where exactly are those shots from up there?
We have a bunch of roadside hits north of town. Basically, it’s just park ‘n’ huck.