The Ski Show – Tanner Hall

The show returns (sort of) with an in-depth interview with the Lion, Tanner Hall

By Mike Rogge

Tuesday nights in Burlington, Vermont, were kind of a big deal. For those not in the know, I hosted a radio program for eight months called The Ski Show. And it was one of the most fun jobs in the world. I never made a dime off it. Together with co-host Ross Imburgia, we chatted to professional athletes, producers, photographers, team managers, marketing directors, musicians, kids on Newschoolers, and every once in a while an inebriated vagrant stumbling along Main Street. They all had one thing in common. Skiing. Even the drunkard loved taking his tricks to the backcountry after a Switchback at Mr. Mike’s Pizza. When I got the call to the Big Leagues to work for Powder, the show went on what I thought would be a short hiatus. I needed time to adjust and then assumed I’d pick up right where the show left off. But plans never work out the way they’re supposed to in the ski world. What happened was me seizing this new position at Powder and putting everything I had into the magazine and this website. The bulk of those efforts can be seen August 16 when the Buyer’s Guide lands on newsstands. That plug is shameless, by the way.

And while I’ve learned a great deal in this last year and there is certainly much more knowledge to gain, the time is right to bring the show back. Former listeners, if I know you then I’m sure you have a few questions so I’ll answer them.

Will it be live?
One day, maybe. Live shows are difficult and time consuming.

How do I enjoy this new platform?
Do what you always did. Press play and listen. Homework and real work be damned.

Are they still dropping on Tuesdays weekly?
Time will tell but yes, that’s the idea. With some momentum, you’ll be able to download the show to your iPod, iPhone, iThing, and enjoy it on your morning commute to a [insert where you go in the morning here].

Will it be uncensored?
You know it.

Will it be podcasted?
Depends how “busy” the Grind side of the building is. The Internet can be complicated, I’m told.

Are you going to hear from the same variety of people, in spite of the fact you’re a loyal tree-killing Source Interlink paper pusher?
Of course. In my opinion, one of the elements that made the show great was everyone, regardless of brand affiliation, had an equal opportunity to have their voice heard. That must and will continue. No exceptions.

Is Ross back?
Ross was last seen at the scene of the crime. I’m sure he’ll make an appearance at some point. You can also catch him in Meathead Films’ Prime Cut this fall.

Will it be the same?
Probably not. It might not even be as good. And I’m okay with that. The important thing is it’s returned. You’ll ultimately be the judge.

As before, if you’re listening to the show and want to comment, please hit me up on Twitter (@skiingrogge) and use the hashtag #skishow. There’s also an entire forum on if you’d like discuss future and past guests or suggest ideas for the show. I believe the first thread is titled, “The Deadest Forum on NS” so knock yourselves out. And of course, you may comment below. We’ll see how this Nectars barstool idea evolves. I never thought the show would go this far. Then again, who knew I’d be working at Powder. Life is funny. And fun. Let’s party.

For the first episode, enjoy a candid interview with Tanner Hall. His first appearance in a ski film, Retallack: The Movie, in three years drops this evening (12 p.m. EST) on for digital download. I caught a sneak peek of the film this morning and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The man is inspired (no pun intended), sober, happy, and was open to chat.

Enjoy, stay tuned, and keep your tips up.

For best results, wait for the video to load in its entirety. And grab a beer.

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