The Ski Show – Sammy Carlson

The Winter X-Games Gold Medalist and 'On Top of the Hood' creator sits down for a candid interview

By Mike Rogge

Translating passion projects into the corporate world is like gently pushing a kitten into a wood chipper. I’d be lying if I said getting the show back on the air has been hassle free. Not that there is any one entity to blame but when there are so many moving parts, it’s hard to get things back to “the good old days.” Rest assured faithful Ski Show listeners, things are in motion and a podcast that you can enjoy and we can be proud of is in development. But ski culture doesn’t start and stop at the convenience of an Excel sheet. It “snowballs” if you will and that is why I present to you another episode of The Ski Show. I won’t say Sammy Carlson had a big year because every other ski media outlet already has. Instead, I’ll say Sammy is a passionate person with his eye on skiing. “There’s a lot of prima donnas out there,” says Carlson. Sammy and I got on the old telephone to chat about these prima donnas, his new film ‘On Top of the Hood’, and what it means when the industry mixes business with skiing. As always enjoy and as for an official date of when a Ski Show Podcast will officially launch, all I can say is, “Here kitty, kitty…”

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*Note* In the first few minutes, Sammy and I reference the second trick in this video. -M.R.
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